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Monday, March 21, 2011

Funnest Day of the Year Yet, and a Secret Announcement from Brigitte and Sluggo

Warning ~ could be what some may consider excessive pictures included in today's post. Me? I say never enough pug pictures...

Hi everybody! Happy Spring. Today it didn't act much like Spring around here. But Friday was beautiful.
Mom was off, and doing a bunch of boring chores when we started putting on the pressure.

Brigitte, the shop steward's weather monitoring system was on high alert.
Readings were coming in as highly favorable for outdoor activities of the fun variety.
Resistance was futile, so Mom set off to the park with all three of us in tow.

First we went into the fenced in tennis/basketball area for some free range puggin'

After that, it was time for the playground...

This part was fun, except for this creepy guy that was talking t o us about his cat. I was like, dude, can't you see you are in my shot? WTF.
Incidentally, the guy had a amateur scarification engraved on his upper arm of WTF.
Nice enough, but dumb and creepy.

We beat it out of the park and headed for lunch. Burgers from the Dutchess drive thru.

Not only did they give us meat, but in addition, extra treats!


Next course...

Funnest day yet!

Fun hangovers all around

Before I hand off the blog to Brigitte for some super secret announcement, (probably something about my birthday, duh) I want to remind you to go over and tell me something about your bad self to enter my birthday giveaway.

Here's Britte and Sluggo

Hi everyone. Real quick, cuz Columbo over here is on to our every move. We are trying to plan a surprise Birthday Party for Wilma here on the blog this weekend.
All are welcome. Feel free to stop by any time. Don't be surprised to find yourself in some crazy puggy scenario. As we've seen before, anything goes around here!
Hope to see you here!


  1. What a funs day! And we agree- you can never have too many puggie pics!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  2. Don't you wish every day was like Friday? Sunshine, not too hot, not too cold, all day mom time. We are suffering with a fun hangover after our pug meet on Sunday, but it was nowhere near as fun as your day was. No meat!

  3. Two things you never get too much of... Pugs and Meezers...

  4. Hi there! Just stumbled upon your blog and so glad I did, love the Pug pictures! My Pug, Douglas, enjoyed them too! So adorable. Off to look at some more of your blog :)

  5. Wilma what a fun day! The park looks like fun minus creepy cat guy.


  6. what a blast yous had. Luv the photos. Oh Pssst I wills be coming on overs for the surprise party this weekends.


  7. Hola Chicos!!
    What a great time you had!! WE love Puggie Photos the more the merrier(or how ever you write that).
    Wilma look over ther at Free Mccheesy Burger !!!
    (Sluggo & Brigitte we have the Pupcakes and tequila ready)
    Spongy & Licky

  8. Look's like you had fun, I hope to go to the playground sometime soon myself.


  9. Your so right,,, I can tell this was the funnest day.... because I had funs looking at all the fun things you got to do. There are never enough puggy pictures,,, never,, ever. So keep em rolling.
    You made me smile with all the fun you had.
    Happy Days! Good Times!

  10. Those smiling puggie faces are priceless! What a FUN day! Happy early birthday, Wilma! :)

  11. OMG this does look like the funnest day ever! I would like your mom to adopt me, please. Have her come get me from Oklahoma.

    Wilma, go away for a second ok? Hey Brig, hey Sluggo. I'm totes in for the surprise party! I'll bring the booze! Uhh... I mean water, Mom.

    Oh, and I did not enter your awesome giveaway because I won your Thanksgiving goodies and I also just won some goodies from Winston and I want to make sure everyone has a chance to win fun stuff. But if I did have to tell you how bad I am, you would have to read a novel. Trust me. :)

    Sorry for world's LONGEST comment!




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