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Friday, March 25, 2011

We Have a Winner ~ and then some

OK, before we announce the winner of my good to be bad CSN Birthday Giveaway, I want to thank everyone for playing. There are a lot of you out there who are very good at being bad. And I like that.

Also, before we proceed, thanks to everyone for all your Birthday greetings. Today is the actual day on which I was born 10 years ago. We had some adventures that I will tell you about soon.

I must however, share with you one of my gifts from Mom and Dad, and a pretty funny story that goes along with it.

So, it has been established that I am a fan of the best bad show on TV, Bad Girls Club.
To pay homage to my pride at being a bad girl, the parents decided to get me some merchandise from the club.
So Mom goes online and checks out the store.
She finds the perfect item for me and orders it.

Here I am modeling it.

Can you see it?

here, pan in a little closer

Yeah, that's right, I'm bad as bad can be in my new Bad Girls Club dog tag necklace!!!
woot, woot!!!

Now for the story...
Not 15 minutes after Mom ordered the necklace, she gets a call from her credit card loss protection department.
They want to inform her of a purchase made on her card that was not in line with her usual credit card purchases.
They give her the info on the necklace!
She had to cop to the credit card police that she indeed had made a purchase from The Bad Girls Club!!!

When she asked the guy if it made it any better that the purchase was for her dog, he didn't laugh.
What? she said. You're not familiar with the show?
"Oh no, I've seen the previews." Then silence.
Bwahahahaha...I nearly peed in the house when I heard that one.
I don't care, I love my necklace, and wear it with pride.

OK, so let's get down to business.
For the contest, I reviewed your entries.
Assigned each bad a** a number and entered it into the randomizer.

The winning entry belongs to Tallulah from The Southern Fried Pugs!!!

I won't lie to you. I was thrilled when Tallulah"s number came up on the screen.
She deserves to win this prize. Her badness is so good.
Do you know what she came up with?
I'll show  you.

"Tallulah multi-poops just to get treats. A smart little stinker, she learned that the more you potty outside, the more Cheerios you get. So she squeezes a little out, gets a treat, squeezes a little more out, gets a treat, etc. And if there is no treat forthcoming, she huffs and refuses a head scratch instead"

Is that not genius I ask you?
So, congratulations Tallulah. Please let us know what you buy with your CSN gift code. I do suggest a little something for your sisters, they are pretty good at being bad as well.
Big time props to the Southern Fried Pugs!
See, it is good to be bad!

Tallulah, please have your Mom send mine your e-mail address so she can forward the prize code.

Now, with the Grand prize announcement out of the way, I wish to announce that due to the sheer badness of some of your entries, I decided to award some consolation prizes to some of my favorite bad dogs.

Mr Pip
"I am bad to the bone. My latest bad deed - my parents recently bought a new fridge since we are putting our place on the market. I was banned from the kitchen because I had, once or twice or ten times, peed on the old fridge. Well, guess what! I managed to break through the doggie gate and mark the new fridge!!! Am I bad or what!"

Spongy and Licky

"We are Bad!! Having the Door Wide Open so we can Pee Outside, Well when we are mad at our Mamma for not giving us what we want we Love Pooping and Peeing right next to door but inside the HOUSE!!! Because We can!!! And never know who did what! We are Bad. Happy Birthday Month!!!"


"Wilma you are bad,,, but I am really bad too,,, If I feel like I am being ignored... well..... i start to tugging on the drapes. I look over my shoulder to see if anyone is noticing me,, and if moms ignore me,, well,,, one final YANK and down come the curtains."

Mimi Roo
"Mimi: Queen of rock eating, running away with things I shouldn't have including aforementioned rocks, and "sorting" the dirty laundry and leaving unclean things in the hu-moms walking path. Oh...and this is a good one. Using the entire dark brown carpet as my personal yard even to the point of after doing my tinkle kicking and flicking my feet as if the carpet is going to cover my mess and when the mama's find it looking all innocent or giving them the evil grin laugh. Mwahahahahaha"

So Mr Pip, Spongy and Licky, and Mimi Roo, please send my Mom your address so we can get your special gifts out into the mail.

Happy Birthday to me!

Now, where the heck did Brigitte and Sluggo go?
I swear they are up to something.


  1. First, Happy Official Birthday, Wilma!
    Second, whoo-hoo! So glad I am finally being rewarded for my genius. I'll be forced to share so I'll try to be gracious about it, but don't hold your breath. We'll be sure to share some pictures if mom can get her priorities straight again. This school thing is really cutting into blog time.
    Thank you and hope you have a fabulous day.

  2. Happy Birthday Wilma!

    You look so bad a** in your new necklace.


  3. Happy Official Birthday! Your necklace is awesome. Pretty funny mom got the call, but at least she now knows her company is "watching" out for her! LOL

    Thanks for sharing the "bad" stories. Nice to hear that bad is good!

  4. Happy Happy Birfdays Wilma! This is YOUR day,, so have a barrel of fun! I am blowing happy bubbless to you!
    I was looking at all the adorable photos of all of you,,, your just all so cute.
    Congratualtions to Southern Fried Pugs,, and all who entered to make this so fun. I loved reading about everyones "badness".
    We smiled- that is what it is all about.
    That is the coolest necklace ever!! I love it.
    I think that mr credit card cop... must not have had too much of a sense of humor,, or knowledge about what is important! You know,, and that is what does matter.
    Happy Birthday

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe I won a consolation prize!!!! I am so excited. Maybe now my parents will let me back in the kitchen - probably not! I will send you my address in a few minutes.

    I hope you have the happiest birthday ever. Treat yourself and make sure you do something bad, very bad!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Hi Ms. Wilmas! Mimi Roo at the 'puter desk. My mamas e-mail is mindyslimmer AT gmail DOT com. Send us'uns an e-mail and wesa give you me addy-dress.
    Happy Birthday Sunflower President!
    Much luvums,
    The Sunflower Sisters
    Mimi Roo (main contributor to this post)

  7. Hello Ms. Wilma - Shiloh'n Shasta here. Happy offishal barkday tu u. You look most fab in your new necklace - that lookz az bad a** az u r.

    Shiloh here - Hope u haz a chance tu stop by our blog on Saturday - we r havin'a give-away tu on my barkday - thanx fer lettin'mom an'me uze the T-rifik idea u gave mom an'me The PawsBang Band will b there tu. All u haz tu du tu enter iz leave a comment BUTT u can leave more than 1 an'the more u leave then the better chance u haz tu win. Hope tu c u there.

  8. Hola Chicos!!!
    We are just so Happy to Win a COnsoltion Price!! just to name us !! We are going to Poop right now in the Kitchen in your Honor Wilma!!! Huhu!!
    We want congratulate you again for your Barkday and we so want that Dog Tag Neckacle!! That story is the best from the credit card!!
    Our mails is libelulacard at gmail dot com so she can send you our address don't worry we have address in San Diego, Ca.
    Well hope you still partying!!
    Spongy & Licky

    P.s. We love Brigittes Ears!!!



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