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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well. thanks to everyone, I had a wonderful Birthday week. Not only that, but I was in good company, as there were lots of Birthdays being celebrated.
I guess we know how a lot of pups like to keep warm during the Winter huh?
Can you say doggy style? *wink*wink*

Anyway, before I proceed with enjoying my next decade, I'd like to share some of the things I did over the past few days.
In addition to whooping it up at my surprise party.

I know I showed you my new bad girls necklace, but did you notice my cool hoodie dress with the denim skirt? That's a little piggy lamb that I got too. Really all lambies go to Sluggo, so he has been taking care of her for me.

Dad took the day off to spend it with me, and we went to Grammy and Grampies.
That is always fun.

I have my own bed there that Grammy always prepares for me.

We went on a walk around the neighborhood.

Surveyed the garden.

The garlic is peeking out already, but no asparagus yet.

I had my first belly rubs in the grass of the year.

Love those!

Brigitte always loves to lay on Dad's belly when he is in the recliner over there, so I decided to check it out.

I must say, it is quite comfortable. Even a ledge to rest your mug.

I also had a private shopping trip with Mom this weekend.
The others weren't too happy about this. How soon they forget. Brigitte got her own shopping excursion on her tenth Birthday this past Summer on the CAPE.

I went to the Petsmart. Big difference.
First we went to the car wash, that was a trip.

We're here!

Met some cute pups at the Petsmart.

This little guy's Dad had two pugs who lived to be eighteen and nineteen years old. i always love to hear about puggy longevity

This is Baby.

He came from a mall pet store and his parents were looking to get him a companion.
I was able to educate them about rescue and hopefully that is the route they will choose.
Over all, it was a pretty great weekend!


  1. Wow Wilma! You had quite the birthday week. Now you need a week just to recover you party animal!

    The Smushies

  2. Based on your lovely smiles, Wilma, I'd say you had a very successful birthday. Here's to many many more.
    Love Noodles

  3. Glad you had a lovely birthday Wilma :)
    Heres to the next 10 years !!!


  4. Wilma, I swear I commented on your party post but now I don't see it! I totally had a blast!!!!!!

    My momma has still been laughing on and off about your momma's credit card getting tagged for her bad girls purchase! But now that she has seen you in your new denim skirt get-up, the giggling has returned! You always make us smile!

    Glad you had a special birthday, Wil!


  5. Oh my goodness Wilma, my mom totally goofed and didn't post your birfday pic we made for you. Hmpfh!! Anyway, please look for it on our blog tonight. Happy Belated birthday! The pawty was awesome.
    Wow..18 year old pug. Wouldn't that be nice? Have to say that the pic of you resting on the car window is one of our very favorites.

    Kitty and Coco

  6. Very stylish dress, Wilma. And what a total score to get a solo trip. Isabelle is the only one who gets a solo trip with mom. We younger girls always go together. Even to the vet. But we are like Siamese twins and can't be separated.
    And, excellent job on the rescue info. Adopt, don't shop!
    The picture of you in the car at Petsmart is our favorite picture of you.

  7. Hi Wilma,

    You had a jammed packed fun fulled weekend. Good for you educating about rescue-recycled dogs.

    You would be perfect for a Pet's Mart commercial. Love the vehicle picture.


  8. I am so glad you had a great birthday weekend! I love your hoodie!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Hey, honey....ya sure look perty in yer hoodie dress!

    Glad ya had a nice weekend. An' good work tellin' them folks about rescue. WHEN will people LEARN I tell ya what?!?!

  10. Sweet Wilma
    I love all the photos showing how happy you were during your birthday.
    Wilma you are so beautiful in your hoodie dress. The pokey dots look so good on you... and I love the denim too.
    I remember when I first met you and you talked about the lambies and that Sluggo took care of them. I love traditions, and know the lambie is in safe hands.
    I love it when you talk about Grammie and Grampy..
    I wish I had some to go visit too. I was thinking about the tummy rubs, and know it must feels so good.
    Do you know what Wilma? I love pet smart too,, and that photo of you looking out the car window is so cute. Maybe sometime I will see you at Pet Smart.

  11. I remember when you first came upon the scene. Even then your independence was evident. It was love at first sight and where those ten years went I'll never know but our love only grows each year. Here's to at least as many more. Happy Birthday Wilma!

    Gram and Grampy

  12. oh what a wonderful weekend wilma!
    we love all of your gifts and adventures!
    so much love!
    a & m



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