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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signs of Spring

Hi folks!
There are a few things happening around here that indicate Spring may actually be on the way.
Our pussy willow tree is starting to bloom.

The snow is finally melting. Just that little patch over Brigitte's shoulder is what's left in the back yard.
Do you know what it means when I can pee on the ground instead of the snow?

I'll show you...

I can kick!!!!
I can turn around in millions of circles and kick 'til my hearts content, after I finish my business.
And trust me, I have been making up for lost time.
If I am lucky, I will cover Brigitte and Sluggo in dirt, mud and pee.
That isn't very difficult, considering that they follow me all around the yard.
Glorious Spring.

Something else in the out here has changed as well...

No more doots yard.
Mom and Dad raked everything up this past weekend.

This has put a serious cramp in Brigitte's Easter egg hunts, and she is none to pleased about it.

Hope you all have a Happy St Patty's Day! Another sure sign Spring is on the way, Mom and Dad pulled out my old Wilma O'Puggy picture.


  1. GREAT pic O'Wilma!!!

    Congrats on the DOOTS FREE YARD!!!! HAHAHAAAAAA! Poor more crapsicles!

    Happy St. Patty's Day!


  2. Do I have to say it? Nothing is better than to see a pug giving the kick!

  3. May the road to rise to meet you.

    Happy Saint Paddy's Day!


  4. O'Wilma,
    Happy St.Patrick's Day! Since Mom grew up in the North, the pussy willow tree is one of her favorites!

    Speaking of trees, was Mr. Monkey, aka Sluggo purched in the tree?

    Enjoy the thawing weather and being able to see the ground again instead of the snow.


  5. We love those pussy willows. Great kick. Soccer may be in your future
    Benny & Lily

  6. Hola Chicos!!
    Wilma we are so Glad you can Pee or Poo Everywhere! Brigitte sorry no more poop treats!!
    Hola Sluggo!!
    Happy St. Patties Day!
    Sponfy & Licky

  7. Aww, what furry cute pictures!
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you :)


  8. Hey O'Wilma! Does u ever kick so hard, you flings your poo at a human dats trying to pick it up? We does. (hehehehe)

    Klausie O'Flanagan & Natty McDougal

  9. oh what a wonderful springy post!
    happy happy st. patty's day to all of you!

  10. Doots free is NOT the way to be according to Coco. Parents are joy killers.
    Yay for Spring! The chorus line is jealous of your kicks Wilma.

    Kitty and Coco

  11. I love this post.. You cracked my moms up with that kickin business going on. You can do it good!
    I was kicking snow balls for awhile.
    I love that beautiful pussy willow blossom.. defiantely a sign of spring

  12. YUP HAPPY ST DAY TO ALL OF YOU NOW THAT IT IS PASSED. Two pugs in a pod, if anyone ever flung poop at me while i was trying to pick it up id quit.he he he



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