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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday to the One Who Started it All.

Hi everyone, Wil's Mom here. Today I am using Wilma's blog to write an open letter to her. To honor her for all the joy she has brought to our lives over the past ten years. As you have surely ascertained by now, Wilma is a complex beast. I hope to pay tribute to the dog who opened our hearts to a life long love of pugs, and who continues to make us laugh and love every single day. After today's sappy, cloyingly sweet post, the real celebration begins.

My Dear Wilma,
It's hard to believe that it has been ten whole years since we learned you had exploded onto the scene. I can still remember so clearly the first time we saw you. You were the big sister. You were not ours yet. Another couple would be taking you home. You were 3 weeks old and you were the size of a mini coke can. Then we found out that your sister had a heart murmur and that she would be staying with your Momma Pollyanna. But then, your new humans came to get you and fell in love with a little Frenchie. Understandably, she was like a little bunny rabbit. That meant you would be ours. Our little devil.

We were so afraid that we wouldn't know how to care for you. All the research we did, the obedience classes(who knew it was to ensure that we obeyed you), the pug books. None of those things could ever teach us what you have over the years. To be able to love someone so deeply has enriched our lives in such an amazing way. Yes, you taught us to love you as much as you love yourself.

From the night we came to get you and you ran over and peed on Dad's foot, until just a few weeks ago when you peed inside my work shoes, you have made every day of our lives an adventure. You are such a little clown. The queen. A tyrant. You have won over everyone you have ever met. You will probably be mad at me for exposing your soft and tender side, but I need you to know how much you matter to all the people who love you.

When we got you, I was taking care of a woman in her home. The extra money I earned from that job allowed me to get you for your Dad. Well, you would come to work with me and every day you were there, you made Marion so happy. You were so gentle with her. And when you came to meet Mom's brother in his group home. You sat right on his wheel chair table and nuzzled into him. You never bothered his tubes or got rambunctious. He always lights up whenever you visit.

You are such a larger that life character. From marching down Park Road in your first parade, to being such an important part of our wedding. You shine. Even the initiation poor Brigitte had to endure when she came to live with us was a trip. It's not like she was any kind of threat to your rule. Now you guys are the best of friends. Then there is your baby Sluggo. I still can't decide whether he thinks you are his Mom or his chick. I do know that he loves you like crazy.

It has been so much fun sharing your world with all your blogging friends. If it weren't for you we never would have met such an awesome bunch of people and pups. I can't wait to continue to give you the best life possible and enjoy many more memorable moments with you. Don't ever change Wilma. You are the best! Happy Birthday my baby girl.

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Wilma the Queen Goddess!!
    Hope your day is filled with McCheesy Burgers and Pupcakes!! We love You Wilma!!
    Hugs and Bechos
    Spongy, Licky and La Mamma

  2. Happy birfday Wilma! That was such a loving sweet post by your Mom. We wish you many treats and extra fun on this special day.

    Tuni and Sequoia

  3. Happy Birthday Wilma! What an amazing tribute! You must not just be a pug, but superpug!

  4. Love you, Wilma! Happy Birthday!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: You are complex and I appreciate that in a girl!

  5. Beautiful letter to a beautiful pug girl! Muah! Happy Birthday Miss Wilma, Miss Thang and the original Diva.


    Minnie Moo

  6. Happy Birthday Wilma! What a sweet and lovely post by your mama - she loves you soooo much! I love it.

  7. Happy Birthday Wilma!

  8. Oh dear.. the momma has gotten all weepy. Such a sweet letter from your momma, Wil. We totally understand that love that she feels for ya.

    Can't wait to get the celebration started!!!!! (Wait... I think it's a surprise. Nevermind. No celebration...nope. Nothing at all.)



  9. Happy birthday, Wilma! You light up OUR lives, too. :)

  10. ah, such a lucky pug to have such a loving mama. happy birthday, wilma!

  11. Hi everyone,
    Thanks so much for all the birthday greetings. I should tell you that my actual birthday isn't for 2 more days, but we are celebrating for like a month. So I welcome all your birthday wishes and can't wait to continue to celebrate all week long!

  12. Aw, Wilma, your mommy loves you very very much!

    Happy Birthday!
    Pearl & Daisy

  13. What a wonderful tribute to you, Wilma. Every pug should be loved like you.
    Our mom celebrates her birthday for six weeks. She believes it kicks off the holiday season- her birthday in September, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  14. My sweet Wilma
    Your mama is not the only one who loves you.
    We all do... I do. Your blog is so full of love,,, and that is because of you. What is inside your heart touches me. You give unconditional love for your friends. You are always there to wrap paws around someone, to cheer them on. I am so honored to call you my friend, and I wish you the most happy birthday, and birthday season- you could ever wish for

  15. Happy Birthday Wilma! And you're Mom is a beautiful writer! Her tribute to you brought tears to my eyes and made me chuckle! It was absolutely wonderful! Lucy and I hope you had a perfect day!

  16. Happy Birthday Wilma! Your mom loves you without a doubt!!

  17. Oh my goodness -
    we's came to wish our furiend Wils a happy one and died when we saw yous pho-toes header -
    hee hees

    Wilma -
    we's sorry we's late -
    we's been away for a while -butt happy b-day!!
    Yous Momma wrote yous a beautiful b-day tribute

    You enjoy yous b-day Week (yep- milk it for a much as yous can)hee hees and hugs to you!!
    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  18. Happy Happy Birthday Wilma!
    What a beautiful post and celebration of you!
    i am smiling from ear to ear!
    love you!
    aunty melissy

  19. Hi Wilma - Shiloh here
    HAPPY BARKDAY tu u - hope u git lotz an'lotza treatz an'yummiez. Your mom did a great job with that bootiful tribute tu u.

    Wish my mom had just stayed with werdz - I can cover my earz so I don't hear or shut my eyez so I don't read them BUTT MY mom found my baby book an'put sum of the pikchurz on our blog fer the whole world tu c - now how du u git away frum that? My barkday iz Saturday, the day after yourz an'we r duin'a give-away like u r. You shood stop by Team Beaglebratz fer my pawty on Saturday - I will come by yourz tu. Boy oh boy, this iz gonna b one rockin'Big barkday weekend in blogville. Here iza a link tu all the info 'bout our give-away -



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