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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Special D From North of the Border

A package came in the mail today. It was from Winston Wilbur and his peeps.It smelled real good. Mom let me have a pass at it, but she wouldn't let me help open it. Something about there being chocolate in there.

So Mom opened the package. And just like promised, there was chocolate in there. Winston's Mom sent all of us who participated in Sweater Day in honor of Stubby a very thoughtful generous gift. This was what was inside...

See that red star chocolate? Brigitte snatched it right up when It came out of the box! Thankfully Mom was able to snatch it right back, but you shoulda seen that girl move. CHOMP!! Whole thing, right in her mouth. Unbelievable.

We put our magnet right on the fridge. Next to our calendar. March has Murphy and Duke's picture. If you look closely, you can also see a certain someone's (ahem, mine) birthday written in.

We want to say a huge thank you to Winston, Kizzy Tika and their Mom for brightening our day. Mom and Dad were using about how delicious the local Canadian chocolate was! Thanks guys! Your the best!


  1. Glad you blogged about it. Mom had one of those days where chocolate was the only antidote. She ate the star immediately. Britte has good taste.

  2. Hi Guys, Winston heres. I am so glads you liked the parcel. I BOL'd when I read about Brigette! She is fast! I gots my magnet up on my fridge toos. Oh and yes I did notices that someone's birthday is on the calender!

    Winston Wilbur

  3. What a great package from Winston!
    Sweater Day was super fun!

    -Dana & Daisy

  4. nive prize you got there. Now lets hope mom will let you have it
    Benny & Lily



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