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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunflower Birthday ~ Cleopatra

Happy belated Birthday to our girl Cleo. Yesterday was her actual Birthday, but as you know, we celebrate Birthdays forever around here! So, have a great Birthday week Cleo!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well. thanks to everyone, I had a wonderful Birthday week. Not only that, but I was in good company, as there were lots of Birthdays being celebrated.
I guess we know how a lot of pups like to keep warm during the Winter huh?
Can you say doggy style? *wink*wink*

Anyway, before I proceed with enjoying my next decade, I'd like to share some of the things I did over the past few days.
In addition to whooping it up at my surprise party.

I know I showed you my new bad girls necklace, but did you notice my cool hoodie dress with the denim skirt? That's a little piggy lamb that I got too. Really all lambies go to Sluggo, so he has been taking care of her for me.

Dad took the day off to spend it with me, and we went to Grammy and Grampies.
That is always fun.

I have my own bed there that Grammy always prepares for me.

We went on a walk around the neighborhood.

Surveyed the garden.

The garlic is peeking out already, but no asparagus yet.

I had my first belly rubs in the grass of the year.

Love those!

Brigitte always loves to lay on Dad's belly when he is in the recliner over there, so I decided to check it out.

I must say, it is quite comfortable. Even a ledge to rest your mug.

I also had a private shopping trip with Mom this weekend.
The others weren't too happy about this. How soon they forget. Brigitte got her own shopping excursion on her tenth Birthday this past Summer on the CAPE.

I went to the Petsmart. Big difference.
First we went to the car wash, that was a trip.

We're here!

Met some cute pups at the Petsmart.

This little guy's Dad had two pugs who lived to be eighteen and nineteen years old. i always love to hear about puggy longevity

This is Baby.

He came from a mall pet store and his parents were looking to get him a companion.
I was able to educate them about rescue and hopefully that is the route they will choose.
Over all, it was a pretty great weekend!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surprise!!!! We pulled it off!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for helping Sluggo and I (Brigitte) surprise Wilma for her Birthday. It wasn't easy sneaking around her, but we did it!

Now, let's get the party started!!!

Thanks everyone for coming to the party. Those of you who may have just arrived, we are serving a brunch buffet. Help yourselves to the carving station and we will be serving mimosas and bloody marys for those of you who need a little "hair of the dog"

Friday, March 25, 2011

We Have a Winner ~ and then some

OK, before we announce the winner of my good to be bad CSN Birthday Giveaway, I want to thank everyone for playing. There are a lot of you out there who are very good at being bad. And I like that.

Also, before we proceed, thanks to everyone for all your Birthday greetings. Today is the actual day on which I was born 10 years ago. We had some adventures that I will tell you about soon.

I must however, share with you one of my gifts from Mom and Dad, and a pretty funny story that goes along with it.

So, it has been established that I am a fan of the best bad show on TV, Bad Girls Club.
To pay homage to my pride at being a bad girl, the parents decided to get me some merchandise from the club.
So Mom goes online and checks out the store.
She finds the perfect item for me and orders it.

Here I am modeling it.

Can you see it?

here, pan in a little closer

Yeah, that's right, I'm bad as bad can be in my new Bad Girls Club dog tag necklace!!!
woot, woot!!!

Now for the story...
Not 15 minutes after Mom ordered the necklace, she gets a call from her credit card loss protection department.
They want to inform her of a purchase made on her card that was not in line with her usual credit card purchases.
They give her the info on the necklace!
She had to cop to the credit card police that she indeed had made a purchase from The Bad Girls Club!!!

When she asked the guy if it made it any better that the purchase was for her dog, he didn't laugh.
What? she said. You're not familiar with the show?
"Oh no, I've seen the previews." Then silence.
Bwahahahaha...I nearly peed in the house when I heard that one.
I don't care, I love my necklace, and wear it with pride.

OK, so let's get down to business.
For the contest, I reviewed your entries.
Assigned each bad a** a number and entered it into the randomizer.

The winning entry belongs to Tallulah from The Southern Fried Pugs!!!

I won't lie to you. I was thrilled when Tallulah"s number came up on the screen.
She deserves to win this prize. Her badness is so good.
Do you know what she came up with?
I'll show  you.

"Tallulah multi-poops just to get treats. A smart little stinker, she learned that the more you potty outside, the more Cheerios you get. So she squeezes a little out, gets a treat, squeezes a little more out, gets a treat, etc. And if there is no treat forthcoming, she huffs and refuses a head scratch instead"

Is that not genius I ask you?
So, congratulations Tallulah. Please let us know what you buy with your CSN gift code. I do suggest a little something for your sisters, they are pretty good at being bad as well.
Big time props to the Southern Fried Pugs!
See, it is good to be bad!

Tallulah, please have your Mom send mine your e-mail address so she can forward the prize code.

Now, with the Grand prize announcement out of the way, I wish to announce that due to the sheer badness of some of your entries, I decided to award some consolation prizes to some of my favorite bad dogs.

Mr Pip
"I am bad to the bone. My latest bad deed - my parents recently bought a new fridge since we are putting our place on the market. I was banned from the kitchen because I had, once or twice or ten times, peed on the old fridge. Well, guess what! I managed to break through the doggie gate and mark the new fridge!!! Am I bad or what!"

Spongy and Licky

"We are Bad!! Having the Door Wide Open so we can Pee Outside, Well when we are mad at our Mamma for not giving us what we want we Love Pooping and Peeing right next to door but inside the HOUSE!!! Because We can!!! And never know who did what! We are Bad. Happy Birthday Month!!!"


"Wilma you are bad,,, but I am really bad too,,, If I feel like I am being ignored... well..... i start to tugging on the drapes. I look over my shoulder to see if anyone is noticing me,, and if moms ignore me,, well,,, one final YANK and down come the curtains."

Mimi Roo
"Mimi: Queen of rock eating, running away with things I shouldn't have including aforementioned rocks, and "sorting" the dirty laundry and leaving unclean things in the hu-moms walking path. Oh...and this is a good one. Using the entire dark brown carpet as my personal yard even to the point of after doing my tinkle kicking and flicking my feet as if the carpet is going to cover my mess and when the mama's find it looking all innocent or giving them the evil grin laugh. Mwahahahahaha"

So Mr Pip, Spongy and Licky, and Mimi Roo, please send my Mom your address so we can get your special gifts out into the mail.

Happy Birthday to me!

Now, where the heck did Brigitte and Sluggo go?
I swear they are up to something.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunflower Birthday ~ IZzY

Izzy is a friend of mine,

A Sunflower Sister, that's the kind.

She's cute and sassy, and she's got style

She's funny and smart, she makes me smile.

She's top dog, a lot like me,

A day apart our birthdays be.

Happy Birthday girlfriend!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday to the One Who Started it All.

Hi everyone, Wil's Mom here. Today I am using Wilma's blog to write an open letter to her. To honor her for all the joy she has brought to our lives over the past ten years. As you have surely ascertained by now, Wilma is a complex beast. I hope to pay tribute to the dog who opened our hearts to a life long love of pugs, and who continues to make us laugh and love every single day. After today's sappy, cloyingly sweet post, the real celebration begins.

My Dear Wilma,
It's hard to believe that it has been ten whole years since we learned you had exploded onto the scene. I can still remember so clearly the first time we saw you. You were the big sister. You were not ours yet. Another couple would be taking you home. You were 3 weeks old and you were the size of a mini coke can. Then we found out that your sister had a heart murmur and that she would be staying with your Momma Pollyanna. But then, your new humans came to get you and fell in love with a little Frenchie. Understandably, she was like a little bunny rabbit. That meant you would be ours. Our little devil.

We were so afraid that we wouldn't know how to care for you. All the research we did, the obedience classes(who knew it was to ensure that we obeyed you), the pug books. None of those things could ever teach us what you have over the years. To be able to love someone so deeply has enriched our lives in such an amazing way. Yes, you taught us to love you as much as you love yourself.

From the night we came to get you and you ran over and peed on Dad's foot, until just a few weeks ago when you peed inside my work shoes, you have made every day of our lives an adventure. You are such a little clown. The queen. A tyrant. You have won over everyone you have ever met. You will probably be mad at me for exposing your soft and tender side, but I need you to know how much you matter to all the people who love you.

When we got you, I was taking care of a woman in her home. The extra money I earned from that job allowed me to get you for your Dad. Well, you would come to work with me and every day you were there, you made Marion so happy. You were so gentle with her. And when you came to meet Mom's brother in his group home. You sat right on his wheel chair table and nuzzled into him. You never bothered his tubes or got rambunctious. He always lights up whenever you visit.

You are such a larger that life character. From marching down Park Road in your first parade, to being such an important part of our wedding. You shine. Even the initiation poor Brigitte had to endure when she came to live with us was a trip. It's not like she was any kind of threat to your rule. Now you guys are the best of friends. Then there is your baby Sluggo. I still can't decide whether he thinks you are his Mom or his chick. I do know that he loves you like crazy.

It has been so much fun sharing your world with all your blogging friends. If it weren't for you we never would have met such an awesome bunch of people and pups. I can't wait to continue to give you the best life possible and enjoy many more memorable moments with you. Don't ever change Wilma. You are the best! Happy Birthday my baby girl.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Funnest Day of the Year Yet, and a Secret Announcement from Brigitte and Sluggo

Warning ~ could be what some may consider excessive pictures included in today's post. Me? I say never enough pug pictures...

Hi everybody! Happy Spring. Today it didn't act much like Spring around here. But Friday was beautiful.
Mom was off, and doing a bunch of boring chores when we started putting on the pressure.

Brigitte, the shop steward's weather monitoring system was on high alert.
Readings were coming in as highly favorable for outdoor activities of the fun variety.
Resistance was futile, so Mom set off to the park with all three of us in tow.

First we went into the fenced in tennis/basketball area for some free range puggin'

After that, it was time for the playground...

This part was fun, except for this creepy guy that was talking t o us about his cat. I was like, dude, can't you see you are in my shot? WTF.
Incidentally, the guy had a amateur scarification engraved on his upper arm of WTF.
Nice enough, but dumb and creepy.

We beat it out of the park and headed for lunch. Burgers from the Dutchess drive thru.

Not only did they give us meat, but in addition, extra treats!


Next course...

Funnest day yet!

Fun hangovers all around

Before I hand off the blog to Brigitte for some super secret announcement, (probably something about my birthday, duh) I want to remind you to go over and tell me something about your bad self to enter my birthday giveaway.

Here's Britte and Sluggo

Hi everyone. Real quick, cuz Columbo over here is on to our every move. We are trying to plan a surprise Birthday Party for Wilma here on the blog this weekend.
All are welcome. Feel free to stop by any time. Don't be surprised to find yourself in some crazy puggy scenario. As we've seen before, anything goes around here!
Hope to see you here!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So Puglet has requested some no-recipe recipes, for a little something he and his human are putting together. So I says Mom, let's do this. I will be the taste tester.
We set out to work.

One of the criteria is that the ingredients include stuff from around the kitchen, so we raided the cabinets and came up with the collection of goodies from above. Then threw in some shredded carrots at the end.

Mom has these cute little bone and fire hydrant shaped cookie cutters, so she was hoping to come up with a recipe she could roll out.

That didn't pan out...

While tasty, the bone shape didn't quite translate.

This is when things got a little out of hand.
I take no responsibility for what transpired next. All I can say is that they still tasted good.

There was giggling. There was hesitation. There was a "No, we couldn't!" and " It would be funny"
Next thing I know batch two is coming out of the oven and they look like...are you ready for it? DOOTS!

So many shades of wrong.

So. if your inclined, pop on over to Puglet's and send him some socially acceptable un-recipes.

Sadly,  we have failed that mission.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Deets on my CSN Giveaway

OK, first of all, many of you may know that I am a fan of the Bad Girls Club.

Why? Because I love to embrace my bad girl side. This includes watching lowbrow cable network reality shows chronicling the antics of drinking women living together in a mansion and fighting.
Not only that, but when I am bad, it is really only in the best way. You see bad isn't "bad". Bad is good.
C'mon, think of those times when your people come home to find the toilet paper strewn about the house or some other such evidence of antics. They clean up, acting all irritated, yet later on you hear them laughing about it. Or like, how about when we steal panties and they act all grossed out, yet they blog about it.

Bad is the new good.

 Imagine my glee when I tuned in this week to meet replacement bad girl Wilmarie.

She has established herself as a bad girl straight out of the gate.
But the real reason I am so excited is that she goes by the name WILMA!

This development in the show inspired me to come up with the perfect way to run my CSN Birthday Giveaway.

Next Friday, March 25th I will draw a winner for a 45.00 gift code to CSN stores.
All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me how good you are at being bad. A little something you do that makes you you. This contest is open to all bad girls and bad boys.
So c'mon everybody, what "bad" thing do you do that somehow results in feigned anger from the humans?
How bad could being bad be?

Here I am performing my latest badness. I like to stand by the back door and act like I need to go out to do business. Then, when they let me out, I step out onto the top stair, turn around and refuse to come in until I am offered incentive.
I'm so bad.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signs of Spring

Hi folks!
There are a few things happening around here that indicate Spring may actually be on the way.
Our pussy willow tree is starting to bloom.

The snow is finally melting. Just that little patch over Brigitte's shoulder is what's left in the back yard.
Do you know what it means when I can pee on the ground instead of the snow?

I'll show you...

I can kick!!!!
I can turn around in millions of circles and kick 'til my hearts content, after I finish my business.
And trust me, I have been making up for lost time.
If I am lucky, I will cover Brigitte and Sluggo in dirt, mud and pee.
That isn't very difficult, considering that they follow me all around the yard.
Glorious Spring.

Something else in the out here has changed as well...

No more doots yard.
Mom and Dad raked everything up this past weekend.

This has put a serious cramp in Brigitte's Easter egg hunts, and she is none to pleased about it.

Hope you all have a Happy St Patty's Day! Another sure sign Spring is on the way, Mom and Dad pulled out my old Wilma O'Puggy picture.


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