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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Revenge!!!!!!! and other assorted business

I consider the subject matter of today's post to be timely. Number one because I didn't want to wait too long after THIS debacle to exact my revenge. Number two, because I must have been high on catnip (can dogs get high on catnip?) when I thought THAT was a lot of snow. And number three, lest you think I am so tender after this weeks wisdom, that I would not seek retribution for when Mom posted that picture of me peeing.
OK, let me remind you what I referred to as "Blizzard Central" just a few short weeks ago.

What does that look like 6-8 inches?

More like a dusting when compared to this!

Uh, yeah, I think I need to redefine my idea of blizzard. This stuff is like 5 pugs deep.

Not only that, but our back steps are closed until they meet  OSHA  standards.
Something about Mom falling down them, and us pugs slipping up them.
Not happy.
Now we have to go out the front door and be herded around to the back, just to do our business.
(ew, look at all the yellow snow from Sluggo)

This is what the stairs out of our property looked like yesterday

Don't worry, I made sure Mom and Dad shoveled them out so we could mail Benny and Lily's calender.

Now, as exciting and interesting as this weather is (like watching water boil), it is time to get down to the real inspiration for this post...
Sweet revenge.

Look what I found while enjoying one of my favorite activities.

What is it you ask?

Take a closer look.

It's panties!!! And let me tell you, I coulda fit Brigitte and Sluggo into them if I wanted!

So Mom, how does it feel to have your most intimate of belongings out there for all to see?
Bet you think twice before posting me in any compromising positions again!

On a more serious note, please keep JD and Jessica in your thoughts tomorrow morning. JD will be going under anesthesia for a dental procedure.
Feel free to hop over and offer some support to them. JD's Momma is worried about him.

Thanks for tuning in!


  1. you guys sure got mom back but good. BOL
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S. Don't eat yellow snow

  2. hee hees...

    Oh Wilma!!! Yous got yous Momma for sure!!
    You guys got lots of snow! We's not get nearly 'dat much!

    We got lots back in Dec butt 'dens it melted and now we's just got dustin'...

    We's suppose to get more.

    Watch out for yous Momma's payback... hee hee
    hers may take pho-toes of yous poopin'


  3. Oh my! I didn't even notice what you were doing later. I was still shivering thinking of you in all that snow!

  4. Is revenge sweet or stinky?

    Holy crap that's a lot of snow.

    Sure you don't want to come visit here?

  5. 5 pugs deep! Hahahaha!!


  6. Ok, that snow is RIDONKULOUS!!! Mom called me over to the computer and showed me that huge-ass pile and told me to quit my whining about the few inches we have on the ground now. Pssshhhh!

    NIIIIIIIICE work on stealing mom's drawers! Extra style points for WEARING them!


  7. OMD! Look at all that snow. We have some, but not that much! I have been known to climb in snow drifts and get stuck. Fortunately, my mom is always there to rescue me.

    Thanks for your nice wishes. I am feeling much better today and even managed to eat a little rice and chicken.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. omg i love your pugs! they are so silly! we took cyrus to a friends house once and after a while we were like, its much too quiet where is he? we found him up in their room munching on some undies from the hamper! eeeeeeew lol

  9. And there are suppoosed to be steps? I did not see steps,, I saw a mountain of snow!

    Oh you got even steven now,,,with what you did to your mom,,,,, thats it,,,, get even!
    You have so much snow,, i cannot belive it.
    I hope you all did not fall!
    we went to see JD,, and we are sending good positive wishes

  10. Oh Wilma! You are so naughty! I just can't wait 'til your momma sees this. I think you're going to be in for it! You should have signed it
    Love, Brigette

    That would have tricked her!! hehehe!

    Stay warm, my friends! It is 50 degrees and sunny here- and I am oddly jealous of your snow! Guess the grass is always greener, eh?


  11. Wilma nice steal there! And bonus points for wearing, I just run madly around with them in my mouth. Oh and we think you need to move away from the north pole asap.


  12. Are you in Alaska or something?? Holy Pug that is too much snow. Mom lived in NYC for a year and got 21 inches! She moved her southern bootay back home to Alabama. Anyhoo, hope your snow melts soon.
    Coco actually jimmies and wiggles and wedges her way into the laundry basket for panties. Sometimes only her curly tail hangs out. Good job on the humiliation Wilma! Make sure to put some teeth marks in them for good measure.

  13. Wilma, I love this post I tell ya what!

    First, ya got them awesome puggy luges in yer yard.

    Second, yer mom's BLOOMERS!!!! HA! You show that ol' gal who's boss!!!

  14. Hee Hee that is totally sweet revenge!

    Oh man that blizzard just sucks. 5 pugs high! how the heck does Mother Nature expect us to gets around when she starts dumping that white stuffs everywhere. PFT, I thinks us pugs need to get together and sit downs and have a serious talks with this Mother Nature dude!




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