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Friday, January 28, 2011

Power of the Paw

Hello friends. Most importantly tonight, II am issuing a shout out for the power of the paw for one of our Sunflower Sisters.

Our girl Daisy of Pearl and Daisy fame, over at Too Cute Pugs
will be having surgery tomorrow to get rid of a lumpy her humans found. They need every bodies love and support to help make sure no bad things are found in the lump and that Daisy does just fine.
So lets do like we do, and hold paws around Daisy and her fams while they go through this tough time.
We love you Daisy.

Please, also include our sista Sequoia in the circle of paws. She is waiting to find out about a lumpy on her belly. Damn lumpies.
Love you girl.

In other old news. And by old, I mean so old. I can't help but share a few shots from our most recent
 dump-a-thon of snow.

I am trying to hide from it, but it just keeps finding me.

Yeah, that's about a 10' tall apple tree.

Again, how are we supposed to get out of here?'s the snow demon from hell!!!!!!!

Someone please send one way tickets to somewhere warm and sunny.

I know, we are supposed to be tough New Englanders, but there are roofs caving in and people getting hit by cars, because you can't see past the snow banks. This is getting to be redonkulous!


  1. Our paws are ready to help miss Dasiy.

    Oh and expect 3 tickets to a humid Seattle (ok its not really humids its rainy but its warm [48 degrees] here with no snows {right now}).

    Warm hugs
    Sequoia and Tuni

  2. Wilma
    I gathered all my magic bubbles.
    I stuffed them full of Power of the Paws thoughts,, healing, wishes, and prayers.
    And now we will sit with them... and wait for a miracle.
    Tonght I will wish on stars for Daisy,

    Your snow seems to be a little too much Wilma.
    Holy smokies!

  3. Oh we's sorry for yous furiend.. we send our good thoughts and pawrayer her way~

    goodness.. 'dats A lot of snows..
    we's never ever seen 'dat much snows..

    momma was laufin' cuz hers biggums 'dat pho-toes and confirmed not poops... hee hee

    hers just thought.. well, we's do it's..
    Anakin 'da most.. him poops all 'da time on kitchen floor..


  4. We are sending sexy thoughts Daisy's way.

    That is crazy amount of snow! Daisy and I
    hope you keep warm!

    -Dana & Daisy

  5. We have our paws together for Daisy.

    That is a crazy amount of snow! It's nice that you all have a nice path shoveled out for you all to do your business! Mack makes lots of yellow snow paintings!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  6. We will pray for them!


  7. My paws are crossed for Daisy! Also, sending warm, snow-melting thoughts to you and New England.

    Your pal, PIp

  8. Remind us again why you live up there? You guys need to be snowbird pugs. Come winter down here. It was in the 50's today. Seriously. We have guest rooms. And a personal chef.

  9. That snow sure looks pretty. We mostly get rain here in Tacoma, WA. When it does snow it just rain within the next day or two.

    Uff-Da, Pugsly, Angus, and Rufus

  10. We will send lots of pug snorts and healing thoughts their way. As for the snow, redonkulus is just the beginning of it. How cold is it there? It's 17 here.


  11. it is redonlolious here and i wish i had a place in sunny florida cause id be there now wilma. So how did miss Daisy make ouy?



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