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Monday, January 24, 2011

Taking Care of Business ~ on several levels

OK, let me start by telling you that I have had quite enough of these sub zero weather conditions. Enough!!!
I'm done with having to go out in ten feet of snow and ice to take care of business. I am done with having chunks of snow and ice jamming up between my delicate pads, I am done with hardly having enough open space to spread logs over the entire property without any overlap. And, I am done with  having to bundle up and go out the front door, around to the back door because the back steps are covered in this...

Coldest day since 2004 today. Poor skinny little Sluggo has never even seen temperatures this cold.
At least he has his snuggly warm, cuter than cute Sock Monkey sweater from Melissa and Emmett to keep him warm.

I am so over it!

So, there you have it. My personal rant abouth the lame winter weather in New England. I feel justified in bitching about the weather beacause it is not my choice to live here. It just so happens that the hand that feeds me happens to be born and raised in this hideous climate.
Given my druthers, I would be on a plane straight to sunny California.
But, I digress. One of the other pieces of business I want to address today is my sister Bar-room Britte's takeover of my blog last week.
Many of you probably wondered why I did not immediatly retaliate for her actions.
 Well, you see, it's complicated.

 By the time I realized what she had done, it was the next morning. And this was the shape she was in.

We all know what a rocker Brigitte is, and what a party girl she can be.
But it seems to be becoming a little more than she can handle.

I fear I soon may need to employ the services of the man made of brick, mustache and meat.
None other than interventionist...

(Do yourself a favor. If you click on no other link, please follow this link to, so you can get the full effect of their fabulous biography on Mr Van Vonderen. Especially if you are a fan of the A&E show Intervention.)

So, If Brigitte's drinking has affected your life in a negative way, and you would like to participate in her intervention. Please write a little something to her and send it along.
I will keep you posted on the time and place.
Thanks friends.


  1. The ice and snow has got to go. Oh dear Brigitte it sounds like you are havingalittle problem over there...poor baby
    Benny & Lily

  2. Cool icicle shots!

    I'm tired of the cold too. it was below 0 this morning! Ouch!

  3. It looks way too cold for me! I feel for you!

  4. Oh Wilma, I can't agree with you more. This winter crap-a-doodie has to go! I miss my dog park, I miss my long walks. I miss playing in the grass.
    Don't be too hard on Brigitte. January is the most depressing month of the year - it's a documented fact. Can you really begrudge her a wobbly-pop or two?

    Dreaming dreams of summer,

  5. Wilma, how in the heck could drinkin' affect anybuddy in a negative way?!

    Tell yer sis I feel her pain.

  6. Oh Wilma, I so agree with you. I am so over this weather. I want spring. Want to run away to CA with me? I know someplace that we can run away to!


  7. At least it is pretty in New England. I am stuck with this crazy, awful weather PLUS I live in the boring midwest. Mama and I are with you and would like to move to the west coast (or the east coast), but papa insists on staying here. Yuck!

    I have been thinking of ordering one of those sweaters. Sluggo looks very nice it it - does he like wearing it?

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Hey Pip, Sluggo does like his sweater, even though he is not a huge fan of wearing clothes. It keeps him nice and warm in the cold.

  9. Well that is some snow! Sluggo looks adorable in his sweater vest!

    Now onto the topic of Brigitte. I was kinda concerned abouts this. I even told her that she would be nursing a major hang over. Did she listen NO!

    I don't thinks I can go on likes this. I can't handle her drinking and posting. (I will admits though it was interesting in regards to the tid bit of info about Wilma) hang on.... WHAT MUM?..... I know that I shouldn't say that about Wilma.... ok I will.

    What Mum wants to have me say is that Brig..... I can't be your blog friend with you posting negative stuffs about Wilma (even though I enjoy reading it) this just encourages gossip and Mum doesn't think it is healthy for the Sunflower Club (even though I am not a member!). Hey wait a minutes..... this isn't my thoughts this is Mum's thoughts. Well okay I don't like seeing Brig the next day all hung overs and all. That is totally not healthys. Brig you gotta ease ups on the drinking girl.

    in regards to the gossip.... Forget its..... I luv the Wilma gossip..... keep it up Brigitte.

    Winston WIlbur

  10. i love that pic of her sitting on the rug, all grumpy looking!

  11. LOL Wilma!

    oh my gosh it is cold in your neck of the woods!

    Look at that snow and ice!

    We are so happy that Sluggo loves his sweater vest!

    Emmitt and I are sending you all warm hugs and kisses for all of your nosies and tosies!

    m & e

  12. We aren't caring for the cold over here either -but Rudy seems to enjoy the snow when it comes :)

    You look quite cute in that sweater of yours!

    Rudy's Raiser

  13. My sentiments exactly! Easy on the hard stuff, Britte. Someday soon the awful white mounds really will melt and we can all go back to normal...but not soon enough. Meantime, enjoy the pampering your parents will give you in sympathy.
    Love you guys,

  14. o.k. get ready for this wintyer now you little darling
    nana gail



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