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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Winston Wilbur

Hey there peeps. I am going to take the high road today, and hand the blog over to Sluggo instead of answering to what my sister Brigitte had to say yesterday. I will deal with her later.

Sluggo has a message for his pal Winston who is celebrating his birthday today.

Hey there everybody. This here is Sluggo. I wrote a little something for the Chairpug of The Fire Hydrant Club. Here it goes...

Winston Wilbur he's a great pug friend,
His love for his girl Tuni, it has no end.

He hails from up north, two cats in the hizzy,
One's name is Tika, the other is Kizzy.

He started up a club just for us boys,
And to honor his friend Stubby, he recycles all his toys.

Today is Winston's Birthday, and he deserves the best,
So go give him Birthday wishes, he won't think you are a pest.

Happy Birthday buddy!!!


  1. PawTy?? Hand us some cake peese!!!

    Oh goodness we read Brigs story yesterday (hee hees)

    Okay.. Sluggo.. very nice tribute and love 'da poem!!
    Winston looks like him ready to golf in 'dat pho-toes...

    We are going to stop by and say happy birfdays to him...
    him got cake too?? hee hees

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

    Wilma.. it's IzZY.. get a poop shot of Brigette!!

  2. duh... never mind.. we just biggums the pho-toes and him going fishing not golfing... hee hees

    Josie needs her vision works... :P

  3. Sluggo
    Now that was prize winning poem to our friend Winston!
    All those nice things you said- so very true.
    Were going to go wish him a Happy Birthday too

  4. OMP OMP OMP thank yous thank you thank you Sluggo! Mum and me didn't gets a chance to post a birthday post on account we were busy with birfday stuffs. We are probably going to have a party in a few weeks combining it with my pal Dickens' birthday.

    Pug hugs

    Oh I luvs the poem!!!!

  5. Happy birthday firehydrant chairpug, my twin in handsomeness (George speaking), Mr. Winston!
    I hope you had a pawsome one!
    Your furiends and fellow hydrant club members,
    George Pooh and Toby Moses

  6. Mr. Winston has his birthday in common with another famous person in Sluggo's life.....(hint --he even has the same initials). He's a bit older than Winston but not in spirit and although he's not a member of the fire hydrant gang he's definitely a kindred spirit! You can give him some extra kisses when you see him this weekend.

    See you soon, puggo.


  7. WRONG! Gramps' birthday is today....not yesterday. Sr. moment for me.

  8. Sluggo! This was such a nice post you did for your buddy Winston! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WINSTON!

    Now, about what Brig posted yesterday... I am just not sure what to say. I mean Wilma is one of my best buds, so I feel like I should side with her. But Brigette is one of my BFF's too! And surely she would not lie?! I just don't know. The truth will come out eventually, I suppose...



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