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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ooh That Smell

So Mom and Dad went out Saturday Night. They'll do that from time to time, and usually I'm OK with it.

This time, however, they both came home with so many different smells, it took like 15 minutes of sniffing to figure out where the h&ll they went.

I mean, they were dripping in smells. Of what you ask? OTHER DOGS!!! And Chicken Parm!!! Really?! A few of the smells I recognized. That's what really set me off. Guess who was all over Mom and Dad's clothes....

Yeah, that's right. My boyfriend Murphy, his bro, and Brigitte's crush, Duke and their Mom. I did not authorize this visit. Then I started thinking. What possible reason could they have for seeing Murphy without me. Then I remembered the unknown smells. They were not pug smells, but I definitely smelled dog. Dog and puppy. My brain was spinning out of control, I thought my head would explode. So, when they sat down on the couch, we just cut loose on them. Sniffing and licking, licking and sniffing. Until they finally told us. The reason all of these confusing smells were all over them was because of this...

And this

And this

Yup, they were with unknown dogs. I was not kept in the loop as it pertains to this decision, and I was not happy. Not one bit. Just when I was getting ready to pee in a shoe, they explained why. This girl right above is named Cookie. And those little ones are 2 of her 8 puppies who were going to be abandoned in an apartment in Georgia. That is until a bunch of kind people ( I'm afraid I don't know the full chain of rescue organizations that participated in this endeavor), got together to rescue them.

One of which was none other than my Murphy's Mom Sam the Patron Saint of Pug Rescue. She initially agreed to foster the whole brood, until the puppies were weaned. But all but these two ended up going to other fosters.

The rescue she is working with is Friends of Homeless Animals out of Rhode Island.

I guess it was kinda last minute that Mom and Dad offered to pick up the pups from the transporter near the New York border while Samantha prepared them a place.

From what they say, the Momma, Cookie is really sweet. A Boston Terrier mix, although the rescue claims purebred, she looks a little different. Mom couldn't stop talking about was a sweet girl and good mother she was. Either way, she said she was tempted to come straight home with them instead of taking them to Murphy's house. Then she thought better of it, knowing that I totally would not be down with sharing my humans with anyone else. Smart decision.

Cookie is only 18 months old herself. Mom hopes she finds a wonderful forever home where she never has to worry about being abandoned again. So do I. We will keep you posted. If you click on the link above, it will bring you to the page where one of the puppies is posted. They say they don't know who the Papa was, but Mom heard it was a German Shephard.

Mama Cookie. I think Mom was so "sweet" on her, get it, sweet, cookie, haha, because she reminds her of her childhood dog Muffins. Cookies, muffins, I'm hungry, talk to you later!!!


  1. I must admit that I was totally outraged when you said that your parents took off (without permission) to see another dog (your possible boyfriend) and not taking you with them but when I read that your mom was helping 8 abandoned cutie pies find foster homes I was totally amazed and touched at the same time! I hope you've forgiven your humans for their good deeds!

  2. Hi Wilma,
    Mom is in love with these puppies and their mom, Cookie. I think it's a silly name because it makes me hungry everytime I hear her name!

    It's not cool sharing our mom, but I know it's the right thing to do. I'm used to the foster thing, expeciallly since Sluggo used to be my bro. Duke's nose is a little out of joint, but he's getting the hang of it.

    Puppies are doing well. We promise to share more pictures. That is, after we can pry one of our babies out of their grubby little puppy teeth!!

    - Murphy and the disgruntled, Duke of Whirl

  3. Oh goodness Wilma, Brigitte, and Sluggo! We get totally Peed-off when our mamas and daddy come home smelling like "others" but be glad that your mama left them at Murphy & Duke's house...we have 5 pugs in our home...and believe you me...3 was heaven...but 2 more ain't so bad...but remember that if you expand your kingdom you must also expand your reign and that takes a lot of time and energy Queen Wilma.
    Much luvums and cinnamon butt wiggle-waggles,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  4. TeachersPets,
    Yes, we did forgive them. Especially since we got extra smuggles and treats yesterday.

    Hello my beloved Murphy Man,
    Oh I knew there was a reason I loved you so. You are such a good egg. I'm glad those puppies get you for a foster bro. I guess you could give them a couple licks from me. Just make sure to keep your distance from that floozie Cookie..

    You do have a point there about expanding my reign. That might not be such a bad thing. More minions in my servitude. Hmmmmm...

  5. I furry hate it when my raiser heads to town without me... then comes back home with a wonderful smell on her - and I've got no clue where she went :(

    I love the pictures, furry thanks for posting!


  6. hi wilma!

    oh your mom is just the sweetest to save those puppies!

    what a wonderful adventure they had and a great story for you to share with us!

    m & e

  7. How dare they have teeny weeny adorable things crawling all over them. The nerve!
    Benny & Lily

  8. Awwwww!!! We like Mama Cookie!!
    She is adorables and very nice of yous Momma and her furiend to help out :)

    And for a minute 'deres Wilma.. 'da Josie thoughts you and my bro were reading 'da same jokey books... snorts!!

    Ummmm so IzZY definitely didn't authorize TriXie!! do yous tink maybe a forth will be in your future?? hee hees


    Momma cannot get anymores... Daddy Mans caps 'da limits.. 'da nerves.. made IzZY happy

  9. Wow Wilma...its so cool that you have a great grandma from Ireland. We dont have any relatives (that we know about) from the States...sure would be cool though. We have an uncle in Scotland and a great uncle in Australia but thats it.

    Love Oisín

  10. such cute little pups! and so sweet of your friend to foster them!

    the best is wilma's threat to pee in a shoe. that's somethin' serious.



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