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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog the Change ~ An Opportunity for Inspiration

Make a fresh commitment to act on behalf of animals

                                                             Inspire others to do the same

                                                                      Spread the word

That is the criteria for participation in the Blog the Change Blog Hop. In visiting some of the blogs participating in this months blog hop, I was truly overwhelmed at the amount of people doing such great things to help animals and people of all kinds.
It was humbling, and trust me, as I am sure you know, I am not easily humbled.
I knew right away though who I would dedicate my post to.
I learned the other day, from  as I am sure many of you did, from Winston and Clementine over at Ladypugmugs, of an urgent need.
The folks over at Pug Lovers Rescue in Rock Hill SC, where Clementine came from, were hit very hard by tragedy.
One of their foster moms died unexpectedly and another was stricken with stage 3 breast cancer.
They have an urgent need to find foster homes for the seven dogs that these two women fostered between them.
What better a platform to reach out for help than Blog the Change. I know there are much larger organizations that could be highlighted, but this is a problem that could be solved today. If only a few, of the many people who participate in this blog hop were able to reach out and help with these seven pugs, we will have made a huge difference in those pugs lives. They lost the loving people who were caring for them until they found their forever homes. After already losing the places they called home.
You can learn all about these pugs who need help here.
Here is a little bit about each of them.
Mia 10/11 years old hard of hearing & has little eyesight, very small about 13-14lbs fawn

Mugsy male 9 years just needs a home not good with small children (picture of Mugsy below - he is a sweetie)

Obi & Anna Obi fawn no issues, Anna black bonded pair Oobie is the way it is pronounce

Katy little pug female blonde mix 4*5 years old

Molly 6 year’s old fawn female kind of shy

Roxy 7 years old fawn female was a breeder dog loving but scrappy

So please, take a moment, even if you can't do it, maybe you know someone who can. We are all so privileged with what we have. Today, I reach out to those who are  not.

Also, please take a moment to visit any of the posts here in the blog hop. There is so many inspiring stories out there.


  1. How sad. The situation of what happens to foster animals when something happens to their foster home, is something you rarely think about. Paws crossed this post helps them to find foster families!

  2. How sad that the pugs are without their foster moms today! I cannot imagine what they must be feeling right now! I will go over to their blog to find out where they live, etc, and then post it on Facebook!
    I am not a pug owner but I am a pet sitter to lots and lots of pugs and I can't help but love those adorable wrinkled faces! I want a pug one day...for sure!
    I am you newest follower....please come over to our blog for a visit sometime!

  3. Who can imagine how these pups must be feeling now? So very sad. You are in the northeast? We will post - best of wishes for these cuties!

  4. Wilma, I admire you. You have one of the biggest caring hearts I know.
    And I know you will do everything in your power to help,, because that is you.
    I wish there was a way that some of those puggys can come live with me.
    Little puggies without their foster mommies is very sad.
    Thank you for speaking up.

  5. Wonderful choice for Blog the Change - I hope that this post spreads the word and makes a difference for these poor pups.

  6. Thanks for this posty Wilma!!

    lots of rescues need fosters..
    Hopefully now some will take the time to look into this...

    Perhaps 'da pug lovers wits single family doggie homes..




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