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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Lost on you Challenge~ Sluggo's Contribution

Hello people's! Sluggo here. Wilma has let me borrow her blog today so I can give you some important information. We got and Email from Home Again. They are the folks who monitor my microchip. They are having an campaign to raise awareness about how to keep us pets safe during the Independence Day holiday. They are calling it Not Lost on You It seems that the greatest number of pets go missing on Independence Day each year, than any other day. Makes sense, I know I hate all the loud scary noises. I totally freak out when people start firing off those darn salutes.

So if you follow that link above to the website they give you a link to take the pet safety awareness quiz, as well as take a pledge to keep all of us critters safe during all the chaos. Or you could also click on the banner on the sidebar to get to the page. It's a whole social media blitz to raise awareness so I have a feeling Britte will be tweeting about it too!

I do want to make sure everyone understands that there are plenty of things to include us in over the weekend. So don't just abandon us for those dumb rockets.

Some of the things we can participate in...

1.) BBQ's

2.) Swimming

3.) Trips to the beach

4.) Parks

5.) Hiking

6.) Whippy

Or you could just stay home and watch Criminal Minds re-runs.

Whatever you do, be safe and have fun!

Thanks Wil, for letting me post today!


Sunday, June 26, 2011


We had quite a day for ourselves yesterday. It all started with a trip to get our nails did, and then over to pick up some food.

When we pulled up to our food store there were a whole crew of stylists waiting for us! They were from the Paul Mitchell beauty school in town, and they were having a dog wash to benefit Friends of Willy. Friends of Willy being a local charitable animal welfare organization, not you guys. Although that would be really cool too.

Here they are...

So, we got to talking during my shampoo, and it turns out these girls are big fans of Jersylicious.* Well, I must admit to enjoying the show as well during the off season from Bad Girls Club. As a matter of fact, it was my Grampy who got us hooked on the show. Much to Grammy's chagrin

Once we were done with our blowouts, we decided to put together a little pilot. We are calling it "Willylicious". Let me know what you think!

* It should be noted, that while Connecticut is within the tri- state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut), we bear little in common with the actual Jersy Girl species. Unless of course you live in East Haven.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunflower Club Business ~ Ampkay Unflowersay 2011

Hi girls! And boys. Wilma here. I have a couple of items on my agenda to share with you all. The first being that we planted a Josie Sunflower Sister memorial sunflower out back.

See it back there behind me and Britte? That was last week, when we used to have sunny days. It has grown almost a foot already. We are surrounding it with sunflowers planted as seeds to grow up all around her. It's gonna be real pretty. Then we can all meet on top and talk about boys and visit with Josie. I think she will love it!

Now go away boys. Stop being so nosy. This next part is for members only! Go on, go scratch yourselves somewhere...

:::::sunflower spy filters activate:::::

Let's not forget the sunflowers we planted at the boys Fire Hydrant Fortress during our ice cream social girls. They should be growing nice and tall by now. Hehehehe

Now, second order of business is our Camp Sunflower 2011.

It will be held the weekend of July 23 and 24, same as last year. We are still in the planning phase aside from having a date. So I need ideas and suggestions about how you would like this years event to go. Mom says it is real helpful when you all send pictures of your selves to post to the party. Just send 'em to the email address on our profile page. Mom says she may eliminate that email from our profile after the party. She thinks the public nature of the information has been behind numerous inheritance notifications she has been receiving. I say take the money man, more treats for me! We will of course have group shots of the activities and such. But having pictures of you all on hand makes it that much easier. Perhaps a shot of you enjoying a marshmallow would be nice...what Mom, don't encourage bad eating habits? Phooey!

We are very excited about Camp Sunflower and can't wait to put the plan into action. Have a great weekend all! I will leave you with a shot of Pearl and Brigitte dancing in Sal's disco from last year.

:::sunflower spy filters deactivate::::

Friday, June 24, 2011

I Got a Brutha From Anutha Mutha

The strangest thing happened over the weekend. I was catching up on my blogs, and when I started reading Confessions of a Pugophile's Father's Day post, I almost pooped in the house. His Mom was giving a shout out to his biological dad Sisnben's Moonlancer. Can you guess what's coming next?

If you guessed that MY biological father is Moonlancer too, than you are a very bright individual. My Mother was Sisnben's Pollyanna, and Pablo's was Morgan Pride of Gateway.

What makes things even crazier, is that Pablo is also ten years old like me. He turned ten April 14th, so by me being 20 days older than him, that makes me the big sister. Technically that means he has to do what I say. That is good, because I am rather used to being the boss. He lives in Pennsylvania, that is close by some standards, but kinda far too. So I don't know wether we will ever meet in the fur, but it sure is cool to be able to keep in touch by blogs.

All this family relations stuff got me to thinking. I wonder if any other of my siblings are out there blogging? Do you wonder the same thing about yourself? Well, if anyone who reads this post has any relation to Moonlancer or Pollyanna, give me a shout out. And, if any of you know of your lineage (I know lots of you were rescued, and/ or recycled, but not all of you) leave a comment with your pawrents names and I will check for connections.

If you haven't already, go on over to meet Pablo. He is very handsome, and bears quite a resemblance to moi!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wanna See What I Gave My Dad for Father's Day?

Check it out...
Click here

And no, Mom was totally not paying attention to how much stuffing Sluggo was consuming during the shoot. Fear not, he did not exceed the recommended daily allowance.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Dad. You are the best when it comes too snuggling.
Love, Sluggo

Happy Father's Day Dad! Thanks for always holding the Britte bag!
Love, Brigitte

Happy Father's Day Dad! You have the tastiest ear cheese!
Love, Wilma

Hope all you Dad's have an awesome day for yourselves. You deserve it!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom, on Flashback Friday, with some Sunflower Power of the Paw Thrown in

You gotta keep a full compliment of treats in your arsenal. You never know which one you'll need to retrieve at any given moment.

Hi friends, I'm back. Mom hasn't been able to help me as much with the blog, or post as many comments this week because of sadness. I am cutting her some slack, because I too have been a little sad. But I told her, what better way to feel better than to help me spread my wisdom, joy and antics on the blog. She agreed. She wanted me to tell you all thank you so much for your kind words after the loss of our friend Sheila. Bloggy people are such good friends too!

Anyway, back to my wisdom. See, I also know how Mom gave me up for being all tender and stuff last week. But, I am OK with that. You see, you gotta be able to deal with all kinds of things when you are trying to raise these humans into good servants. The trick is to only pull out the most sweetest stuff when it's really needed. Otherwise, it doesn't hold as high of a value. If you know me, you know that I do have a softer side. My secret is that I only dole it out in small doses. Mom and Dad really appreciate that about me. They know that I will always be a real clown just when they need it. I will sidle up and be sweet and tender only at the most crucial times. My timing is impeccable. Always has been. I knew Mom needed me real bad last week. I could smell it. So I stepped up to the plate.

So what I am saying friends, it is okay to be you. Knock over the trash from time to time. Don't come when you're called. Just as long as when the chips are down, you are there for them. They will love you all the more for it.

Well, we also need some of that Power of the Paw for one of our southern belle sistas over at Southern Fried Pugs. Petunia is having a growth removed today. So we need for her to do well for the procedure, and we also need the lab to prove that it is only a beauty mark. It could be a while before they find out, so they will need our support during the long wait for an answer. Show them the love.

I hope whatever you do this weekend, you have fun. We are expecting some nice weather I am told, so I think I will enlist Sluggo and Brigitte to harangue the parents until they take us somewhere. Followed up by some nice whippy of course.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hi Dad!

We miss you!

And, we are not getting in any trouble while you're gone.

Right Sluggo?

RIGHT Sluggo?!!!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Goodbye to a Dear Old Friend

Sheila Lynn DeLancey Hamelin
December 12, 1966 ~ June 10,2011

Hello friends. Today's post is a sad one. I am handing over the blog to Mom tonight so she can pay tribute to our beloved friend Sheila. I loved Sheila, and she loved me. We were special friends. Together we helped Mommy plan her and Dad's wedding. I will miss her. She was a friend to all animals.

One of my oldest and dearest friends lost her valiant year long fight against the evil monster cancer yesterday morning.
Actually, she won against cancer, as she was cancer free after a stem cell transplant in December of last year. It was the way the treatment ravaged her body that left her too weak to battle against a blood infection that ultimately took her, much too soon, from a family and friends who loved her so deeply.

Sheila was my first friend in my new school in fourth grade. It was my fifth school in as many years, so I was used to being the new kid. I was still shy. She introduced herself on the bus, and from there our friendship has grown lasted over these past, well, a lot of years.

So many memories have flooded my mind over the past day and night, and I still find it impossible to imagine that I can't pick up the phone and hear her voice at the other end. As life does, it took us in different directions over the years. It could be months sometimes when we didn't talk. But when we did, we could just pick right up from where we left off. She was one of those unconditional friends. The ones you can tell anything and they love you just the same. without judgement. The ones you could call at any hour and you know they would be there. The ones who know you. The real you. Not only who you have become, but who you have always been.

The world is a sadder place today without Sheila. She was a loyal friend, a loving wife and a devoted Mother. She was a wonderful sister and a beloved daughter. Parents aren't supposed to bury their children. This isn't how it is supposed to be.

I will miss my dear friend. and my one comfort is knowing that she is no longer suffering.

You should all know that my most intuitive and sensitive baby pug Wilma has been by my side for the past day. She has been tender and loving and has not busted chops one time. She is such a loving girl under all that fur and punkiness. She is always there for me when I really need her. Just don't tell her I told.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brigitte is a Bad A**

OK, so at first I really wanted to be ticked off that Brigitte went on a solo trip to my beloved Dr Ericson for acupuncture and chiro treatment, while I had to stay home and babysit. But when I found out how Britte totally gave Mom the business, and embarrassed her, I really couldn't stay mad. She said she didn't think it was right either, that I didn't get to go.

From what I'm told, it started on the drive up to Bantam where the office is. We all know how Brigitte hates to ride in the back seat, and that ever since the day Mom picked her up and she got to drive, that's where she wants to be. So, she spent the entire ride trying to fling herself into the front seat. To the point at which Mom ended up unhooking her from the seatbelt. Brigitte was being such a distraction, and she was afraid she was going to choke herself. So she gave in.

Here are a couple shots of Britte cruising after her victory...

(nice Mom, taking pictures with the iPhone while driving, that's not dangerous)

So they arrive at the office and everyone is like, where's Wilma? Why isn't your sister with you?

Brigitte said she felt so bad, that when they were waiting in the exam room, and Mom was looking at a picture on the wall, she dropped a deuce! Not only that, but when Mom turned around as Kelly the tech was coming in the room....she stepped in it! Buahahahahaha! Mom was a doot foot! Mom shrieked so loud that the whole office could hear what was going on. That'll teach her. I bet now she won't even think of going to that office without me. Well, that is if she can get over the embarrassment and return herself.

Here's my bad a** sister checking out her work after she was put on the table...

So proud

I must say, she is much less gimpy after the visit. And after all, that is the most important thing. All the rest is just a gravy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Belated Sunflower Birthday and Our Aquatic Dopplegangers

I can't believe Mom missed one of our Sunflower Sister's birthdays. For shame.

Allow me to sincerely apologize to our girl Kitty, who celebrated her 5th birthday last week. Happy Birthday Sista! I know you had a great day, and I hope you continue to get lots of surprises.

In other news, Mom was looking through pictures from a trip she and Dad made a few years back to Cally. That was the trip where we didn't get to go, and I woke up in the morning to find them gone. Grammy let me out to do business and I defiantly returned inside, stared her in the eye, and pooped on the floor. I was mad! But, I digress.

While there, they met up with some sea lions in Monterey. They took a bunch of pictures, and even chose two that reminded them of me and Britte. Sluggo was not on the scene yet, but oddly enough, she's got a doppleganger for him too. Well, she decided to put the photos up for you all to compare. Of course, I am way more beautiful than any sea lion, and don't you forget it. But I will allow the pictures to be posted for your entertainment and enjoyment!

This is a move Mom and Dad like to call the teacup. They say they could set a teacup on my mug and it would balance there. Yeah, try it! Mom also said that if I wasn't wearing the sweater that pushes my fur into a meat helmut, the likeness is even better. Humph!

Doing what she does best,Britte with her funky apple shaped head.

Lastly, we have Sluggo, his neck as long as a giraffe's. Who ever heard of a pug with a neck anyway?

I hope you enjoyed meeting our aquatic counterparts. Maybe someday WE could go to California and meet them for ourselves!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wildlife Weekend

I should start by telling you that Mom and Dad were convinced that a gigantic bull frog was living in the neighbors pool. You see, for the past few weeks, there have been some seriously loud croaking sounds coming from the other side of the fence.

So yesterday afternoon, the guy next door says he's going in after the guy. Operation relocation, so we can all return to enjoying a good nights sleep. Personally, it wasn't bothering me one bit. I lull myself to sleep each night to sound of my own snoring.

On the way down to the river, Monsieur LeFrog took a pitstop in our back yard. Unfortunately, we pugs did not get to meet mug to mug. Something about scaring the little guy, and him being potentially poisonous, or some nonsense like that. Because we all know, that giant humans wielding cameras with booming voices and huge fingers pointing at them is not at all frightening to a mere 6 inch long frog. That's right. The guy with the huge pipes was only a wee thing.

This is him in the skimmer, before he was placed in an IKEA bag for the entertainment and amusement of adults and children alike.

Check out those suction cup fingers with opposable thumbs. What I couldn't do with a pair of those. He is pretty cute though, dontcha think?

Here he is getting ready to fly the coop.*

*No frogs were actually harmed in the making of this blog post.

That was only the beginning of our wild animal adventures this weekend.
Cue breakfast this morning. I am banished to the front porch to scoff down my kibble while Brigitte languishes over hers, in the comfort of the kitchen. Delicately removing her pills and placing them on the floor, next to her bowl, to eat last (Wierdo). So Dad sees her gobble up her pill and lets me in. I, of course, have to inspect the bowls of Sluggo and Brigitte for any microscopic crumb that may have been left behind. Well, what Dad didn't realize, was that Brigitte had an entire kibble on the floor behind her dish. I went for it, she went for me! Bit me on the cheek she did. Took a nice chunk for herself. Not only that, but then she tweeted about it. The nerve! Tweeting like a Tweety Bird.

Being a forgiving dog, living for the next big thing and all, I was excited to find out we were going on a car ride. After cleaning up my wound and saddling us up, off we went with the parents to Kettletown State Park. Well, no sooner do our paws hit the trail, and we run into this guy...

A real snake in the grass. No, really he was a snake, and he was in the grass. Kinda big, I thought. About 18 inches long

He slithered away, and off we went, first down to the beach area.

There, we saw a duck couple, floating along.

Then we hit the trails, it was National Trails Day yesterday. We were a day late, but not a dollar short, as there was no parking fee for parking this weekend. Good, money for whippy!

Here's Dad strolling us down the plank trail. Nice smooth ride.

Mom and I at the lookout.

Resting before we head back.

Brigitte an Dad chill in' on the bench.

On our way back, things started getting crazy. People were talking about going in the stream and stuff!

Me, I chose to stay on dry ground, thank you very much.

Not Britte, she went right in, happily, with Mom.

Then, Sluggy Bee needed his Mommy...

"Now, what do I do?"

Brigitte thought I was going to sell her down the river due to the morning nip...

I thought about it... but I would miss her too much.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. Topped off with triple whippy!

Hope you all had a great one!


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