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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Aw Shucks

Hi Peoples, Sluggo here

I wanna thank Wilma for lettin' me come on the blog to talk to you all today.
The reason I asked, was because I wanted to thank my bro Murphy, and tell you all about the awesome post he did. The post is all about my life before I came to live with Wilma and Brigitte.
He even put pictures of my biological Mom Chole and my 2 sisters from when we were just born.
If you would like to hear all about my story and see some majorly cute puppy pictures go on over to see at It's a Pug's Life.

Back to you Wilma...

Anytime Sluggo

OK folks,  I'd like to give a great big thanks to everybody who participated in the Special Sunflower Sister Tribute to Sequoia and Petunia over at The Girls
I figure, since there are a few new Sunflower Sisters, and because I think it's a good idea, I will share the  links to everybodys special posts.

Sequoia and Tuni are settling into life out west and we are all thrilled they had a safe trip.
So without further adieu' here they are...
(now please,please,please, if I miss anyone, just let me know and I will fix it)
Thanks again!!!

Now be sure and go on over to check out these posts if you missed any!


  1. Oh Wilma!! How nice of yous to share your bloggy for Sluggo me buggo boos!! Hee Hee!! Josie and I came ups with the name!!

    We love the props and shouts outs for the Sista's and 'dere posts!! We are just having so much fun!! Pups are lining up asking how to join!!

    Back to Sluggo..We will check out his story.. butt the photo's you guys posted are pretty cutes too!!

    Oh Wilma!! Who shall be the next nominee?? We have a few suggestions, but we are curious what some other sista's have to suggest!! Oh how fun!!

    Maybe we can have a Slumber pawty too or a day trip somewhere??

    Maybe we can do a bloggy post interviewing our Mommy's asking 'dem dere favorite books, movies??

    'da wheels are a spinnin'... hee hee!!!

    Josie and Izzy Sista

  2. AHHHH!!! Little Sluggo!! Mom wanted to put him in her pocket and carry him around all day. Hehe. Sluggo!!! So cute it makes my eyes bug out. So sweet it gives me a cavity. So Sluggo!! Makes me want to cuddle with you. Thanks for linking us to your story. Wilma it was nice of you to share.

  3. Sluggo man, we did read the post yesterday. Mum was ooohhhhing and ahhhhhing over how cutes you were as a pup. Mum is so in luvs with pug puppies. Anywho we luved that post Murphy dids. It was great.


  4. Oh Sluggo! You are SO cute!!! You were a cute baby and you're still adorable today!

    Murphy is quite handsome too! (I would know!)


  5. Aw, I can't wait to see pics of baby Sluggo!

    In other news, I have another give-away going on my blog today. Heather is running the NYC Triathlon this Sunday and to celebrate it, I'm giving away two stainless steel water bottles courtesy of Nautica. Stop on by if you'd like to enter!


    p.s. - thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

  6. Hi Wilma! We are so thankful for all the great posts for us we wanted to know when we can do a post for a fellow sunflower sister? We are so excited to about this! Thanks again!


  7. Hi Josie and Izzy Sistas,
    Oh, I just love all your ideas, I had been thinking about having a campout. Tweedles could bring the marshmellows and we could tell ghost stories, what do you think?
    I am all for taking nominations for another Sunflower tribute. Let me know who you are thinking of. Sequoia and Petunia are psyched about doing one too. Maybe we could look at next week sometime.
    Mommy interviews, that could be fun too.Keepthe ideas coming girls.

    Hi Bella,
    Yeah, that Sluggo is nothing if not adorable.I can't find anyone who will disagree.

    Hi Winston,this is Sluggo,
    Thanks for the props. Yeah,my Mom goes all soft over pug puppies.As long as she doesn't try and bring one around here. I will always be the baby.

    Salinger, still Sluggo,
    Yeah,Murphy is a looker.He has everyone around him when he is out about town.

    Hi Auntie,
    I willgo right over and enter.I love prizes. I will also give Heather some cheering on.
    She sure is one motivated human!

    Hi Sequoia and Petunia,
    We all loved doing it! We are thinking about sometime next week. Got anyone in mind?

  8. Now that little Sluggo is a real doll. I would love to have him come over to play!
    Hey by the way..... I want a camp out, and sure,,,
    I will bring the marshymellos.
    This was an awsome post Wilma!

  9. Hello Wilma!!

    It's Izzy and Josie Sista!!

    We were thinking we have been missing us some Slimmer Puggums and would thinks it would be a nice tributes to the 3 ladies over 'deres..
    Gracie Lynn, Lily Jayne,& Mimi Roo!!
    Whatcha thinks??

    Izzy and Josie Sista

  10. Oh and camping sounds soooooooo fun!!!!

    And yes, Tweedles bring da marshy mellows!!!



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