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Monday, July 5, 2010

Before Things Got Ugly

As you may have heard, here in New England we're in the midst of a heat wave.
Weather like this, to put it bluntly, sucks for pugs.

Mom decided to make us a giant ice cube. How cool (pun intended) is that?!

We were all very excited, as we like to chew a cube from time to time.

But the shine quickly wore off for Brigitte and I.
Sluggo, however, was very enthusiastic right out of the gate.

He just kept licking and licking,
Then I noticed something...
Hey Brigitte get over here

There was treats inside!!!

As soon as I realized that, it was game on.
You won't see any more pictures of the event, because, let's just say Mom had to put down the camera to deal with ferocious beasts.

How about you guys?
Do you like to share?
Even if there is enough for everyone, is that ok with you?


  1. Hi friends
    I cannot believe how hot it is over at your world.
    I am still covering up with blankys and sweaters during the day.
    That ice cube looked mighty cool to lick- but the word treats in the house- well that calls for a stampede

  2. You are all so cute! Being in Massachusetts, I know what you mean about this heat wave. JD stayed inside and slept by the AC all weekend, and I wanted to do the same! Your mum is very sweet to make you such a cool treat. I bet JD would like that, too. He doesn't like to share his treats. He thinks that he's king of the castle!

  3. Hi Wilma! I use to love ice cubes when I was a little guy. It's been so hot here that Mom bought me some nice frozen treats at the store the other day. The only problem? They're still in the freezer! I don't know what she's waiting for but I suspect it made have something to do with my restricted exercise.

    Sometimes I like to share but I guess it depends with whom. I love my treats but I love my pals too.

    Stubby xoxo

  4. OMG what a great idea. While Lucky looks cute and sedate, when it comes to treats she's a psycho. I wouldn't stand a chance.


  5. BOL...ferocious? you? BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. Hi Tweedles,
    I can't even imagine being in the same room as a blanket. Sounds like the perfect pug weather. You are lucky.

    Jessica and JD,
    Hmmmm...King of the castle, I am the queen.Might this be the start of something?

    Hi Elgins,
    looks like we're back, up and running.

    Hi there Stubby,
    Ohhhh frozen treats. I would like some of those in a nice quiet secluded area. I think you should tell your Mom that whatever she has in that freezer is necessary for you to improve your health. It takes alotof calories to pant and cool yourself down in this heat!

  7. Hey there Roxy,
    Up against a treat psycho huh? You should get some advise from Brigitte. She has been known to make secret deals with Mom. Maybe you need a secret deal.

    Benny and Lily,
    You have no idea. No one messes with me when it comes to treats. I used to be an only pug. All treats were mine. This sharing business is for the birds. Literally, everyone else can line up at the feeder, leave my treats alone!

  8. Oh's my goodnesseseseses!!!! SNORTS!!!!

    We's soooo glads 'dat yous Momma puts done 'dat Ice burgs!! Hope chilly Willy not in 'deres!!

    What a heat wave huh?? Boy o Boy's!!! Hey....

    we's so glads 'dat the comments are working 'cuz we's were freakin' outs 'dat we's couln't plays wits our sista's!!! And 'da Sluggo me buggo boo's!!!!

    Stay Cool!!!!!!!

    We's be in touches.....

    Izzy & Josie Sista (and me's... Anakin Man) hey take me's out's of 'da ()'s what up's wit 'dats!!!

  9. So pugsome! We had a Kool itz Ice cube thingy too but now that we are moving we probably won't need to use it. We hope your parents put some good stuff in there!!


  10. Hi Wilma!

    We love the big ice cube your mom made!
    Daisy and I are glad you are finding
    ways to keep cool!

    -Dana & Daisy

  11. we do have a problem with sharing in our house. honey thinks everything belongs to her and don't even think about getting close to mom and dad when they are eating, she'll bite your face off!

    the heat is coming our way too, some big ice cubes with treats sound like a great idea!

  12. OOOOH, a treat cube! Let's alert my mom to that one. Lord have mercy it is hot here too, even at 10pm.
    What is this strange word you speak of? Share? Never heard of such.
    Our idea of sharing is somewhat in tact. Mom basically threatens the one trying to steal the toy and then the minute she turns her head it is snatched. Treats for whatever reason go much better. We have to sit to get them and are in a trance.
    Sighs (Kitty) and Snorts (Coco)

  13. Stay cool little Pug buddies and be careful with that giant ice don't want to wear out your tongues!
    We enjoyed our visit to your great doggie bloggie!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy



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