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Friday, July 30, 2010


My beautiful sister Brigitte will turn ten years old on Sunday August 1st. We will be celebrating on the Cape.  There will be documentation of these events, but I didn't want to leave without telling Brigitte how much we all love her.
Sure, I gave her a daily beat down for the first year or two she came to live with us, but I was only testing her.
So Britte, Brigitte, B, Breedletons McGee, Brigillent B, Brigitte P, Mrs Bambridge, B Complex ,
Whatever we call you, you are the best sister any diva pug could ask for. Thanks for always letting me shine in the spotlight, for always taking on each day with a smile, for remaining true to yourself, for always being our sweet Brigitte.

Long may you run.

For those of you who think I've gone soft, posting two cloyingly sweet posts in one week ,fear not. I fully intend to refresh my superior royal self this week on vacation. Remember, I am about to wow Privincetown.


  1. Hope you have a fabulous birthday Brigitte!!!! We'll be sending pug hugs and kisses for your special day!!!

    ~Sunflower Kisses~


  2. Oh Brigs!! So exciting that you are having a big Vac on your big b-day!!
    oOh and yous look FAB for 10!!! WoW!! Yous sure to pick up a surfer..(up..Murphy said not too)Paha-leze!
    Hang loose..

    Oh and Wilma..loves that disclaimer!! Iz was worried for sure!!!!

    Oh's and you have from to...gets yous freak on!!
    HA HA!!

    IzZY Sista

  3. Happy 10th b-day our Sunflower Sister donts looksa day over 5...I's be turning 5 soon (Sept. 12th) and maybe that means I'm aging?!? Oh wells...have funs!!
    Laters Taters,
    Ms. Gracie Lynn Slimmer

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Brigette!

    Have a fun time at the Cape. I hopes you get to play in the waters. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Happy early 10th birfday B!!!!! We hope its one of the best!

  6. Happy birthday Brigitte! So, nice to meet other senior doggies. I am 12.5, but don't tell anyone! Enjoy the Cape! I think Mama may be a little jealous as she loves the ocean!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. have a great birthday, brigitte!! i hope all of your wishes come true! and what a lovely spot to spend your birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday Sunflower sister Bridgitte.
    You will have so much fun at the Cape, I just know it! I hope you get some nice pressies and surpirses, and maybe some sun rays will fall on your shoulders.
    Happy Birthday to you!

  9. hope Brigitte's birthday is full of fun and cake for all of you wonderful pugs :]

    ps. - JD and Ringo are glad to hear that you aren't going soft. we need the bit of sarcasm and wit to keep life interesting!

  10. Happy birthday to Brigitte!!!!!

    Have a wonderful vacations!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  11. Hi Wilma! I hope you have a great vacation. I know it's much needed after all the work you've been doing.

    No need to worry that I will think you've gone soft Brigitte. It takes a lot more than 2 posts in a week to do that.

    Stubby xoxo

    Pee-s: Happy birthday to Brigitte!

  12. happy happy birfday brigitte!
    have a wonderful party day at the cape!
    i am sending lots of birthday kisses and wishes!

  13. Happy Birthday Britte-o-pie! Did you know it's Auntie's birthday as well? I know you'll have a happy celebration on the cape and the weather is cooperating too.

    Love you,
    Gramma and Gramps

  14. Well...happy birthday to a sweet our house we say, the older the better! Hope you are having a "cool" time on the Emma and alfred at ragus pug

  15. Hi Brigitte,

    Tweedles told us it was your birthday, so we just stopped by to wish a very Happy #10.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Happy b-day, Brigitte, honey!

    Wilma, that was a real nice post I tell ya what. Only a real "superior royal" hands over the spotlight like that. Yep.

  17. Happy Barkday, Brigitte, glad to hear your pawrents are taking you on a vacation to celebrate your royalness, you deserve the best! Wishing you lots more happy, healthy years to come.

    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang

  18. Happy Birthday + one day, darling Britte! I hope it was a super magical day and that you all have a fabulous vacation!!!

    Love and miss you!


  19. Brigitte!

    I was offline for a few days because my momma had the sickes, and I missed your birthday!?!?

    oh, I just feel terrible. What kinda Sunflower Sister am I? I hope I don't get a demerit or something...

    ANYWAY, Happy (late) Birthday!!!!!!!!! I hope you had the best day, sweet friend!!!!


  20. Happy Birthday! I'm so happy I found your blog!



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