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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sluggo Got a Surprise ~ His Feelings are Mixed

Really Mom, a package for me?

Hmmm, smells like my brudder Murphy.

Um, what is it?

There is a note

I don't know about this. How come I have to wear this?
What? Cape Cod? Where is that?
Why do you think I would pee on things in any ones house but mine?

Wait, there is something else in the envelope...

Wilma! It's for you...

For me? I don't pee where I shouldn't...oh, look! It's a love note from my boyfriend Murphy!!!

Could you bring it a little closer Mom, my eyes....

Ohhh, Murphy is so sweet. He said he is going to miss me when we are on vacation. I will miss him too.

Look Brigitte, I got a note from Murphy

Hey, what do you mean he wrote to you too?!

Aww, I guess that's OK. He is worried about you. Don't worry Murph, I won't let her get all gaga and have one of those Summer romances.


That's a big fat kiss for you Murphy.
Let's hope that buddy band works so we get the pet deposit back!!


  1. Hi Wilma! Poor Sluggo! I can't believe he has to wear a silly belly band. If I know Sluggo, I know he wouldn't pee anywhere he's not suppose to. But I guess if it appeases the peeps, he'll wear it.

    That's such a sweet card Murphy sent you. Of course he's going to mis syou when you're on vacation. We're all going to miss you!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Aw, don't feel bad Sluggo. My mom got me some belly bands too but (good for me) they were too small (imagine that!) and she's been too lazy to get some bigger ones so instead she just cleans up after me all the time. I have a little pee problem too. I just don't like to be told when and where I can do my business!


  3. oh dear not a belly band! i got one for ollie shortly after he joined the family as he was an indescriminate piddler. i put it on him once and hubby hated it! he said it wasn't manly enough and it looked goofy. ollie piddled right through it too. we have since gone to keeping an eye on him, but he still embarrasses us by piddling on everything!!

  4. Poor Sluggo :(

    The belly band does look nice on him. :) Have a wonderful vacation at Cape Cod!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie MAe

    waits hold on............

    Okay's we's back!!
    Sluggo dude!! It's Anakin Man here's!! I's has to wears one on 'dem tings to when Mommy fosters or when other puggies comes overs (except Salisbury SteakButts) and mines is old man..and Daddy calls 'dem me granper..
    not so nicey nice huh??
    Yous are way cooler!!
    Okay.. I's go back to dreamy of me Sweatie Pies!! Anakin Man

    HA HA!! Wilma!! Mommy was laughing so hard at yous close up of reading 'dat card!! Too funny!! oOh!! Yous got love card!! Super cool!! And he's lookin outs for Brig too!! Hers b-days coming ups!! Keep on eye on's 'dat one!! She may get all craZy Wilma and IzZY style if you know what Iz mean!!

    You have fun ons yous trip and we certainly will miss yous!! Take lots of pho-toes!!

    Izzy and Josie Sista

  6. Sluggo soory guy about having to have a belly band, but it looks good.

  7. I won't say anything about Sluggo's gift so he doesn't feel bad. But Cape Cod! Have fun. Enjoy the sun and surf.

    Roxy & Lucky

  8. Oh Wilma just tell everyone you are going swimming.
    Benny & Lily

  9. Don't let my mom see these diapers things. I don't want to give her any ideas.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Dear pug and parents,
    Mom said that if anyone needs a belly band for their naughty, er, manly pug, she'd be happy to make them. All she asks is you make a $5 donation to your favorite rescue.

    You can contact her through our blog.

    Love, the many belly band waring duo,
    Murphy and the Duke of Whirl



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