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Friday, July 16, 2010

In Yer Face

Hello Peeps!
Happy Friday!

In light of all the Slug love going around the web this week, I thought it might be wise for me to offer up a word of caution.
You see, if you were to let yourself succumb to his cutness by, oh, let's say...taking a seat on our couch!
It is only fair that I warn you, of what you are putting your self at risk for.

It looks a little like this...

Need I say more?

With that said, our door is always open.
Bear in mind, you have been warned!

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. HA HA HA!!!

    Okays Wilma!! In 'dat second to last photo is 'dat yous holding down 'da couch in da back rounds?? Hee Hee!!

    Yous bro is very cutes. Sorry, butt we's can't helps it!! Yous Sluggo Me Buggo Boo's is going on's us!!
    Mommy says she wouldn't mind a Sluggo head likes 'dat in her face!!

    Happy Friday to yous too Sista!!!

    Izzy and Josie Sista

  2. Hee Hee.. in da first sentences in second paragraphs we's meant to say Sluggo is growing on us.. not going on us!!

    He's not peeing on us!!

    Ba Ha Ha Ha!!

  3. You know Wilma, this PSA warning might be needed at our house too. Coco and Sluggo have the same moves. He's awfully cute. If you are not careful, you might get a nose love nip from her! All of mum's friends know they have to act like they love it or be kicked out :)

    Kitty (and Coco)

  4. Mom is raising her hand.

    She's sick like that.


  5. Like I always say - you Pugs have all the fun!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. you slobbered on our face...BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. Me and my moms love kissys in the face, so we would never ever get enough of Sluggo's In yer face"!
    Come on Sluggo- sock it to us,

  8. Wilma, oh dear that is quite an invasion of personal space now isn't it! Mum is just saying how I do that too. Pft whatever Mum...... I don't think I am in your face that close!!!! What do you mean I am..... and that the snarf spray really flys. PFT enough Mum!

  9. I would not mind being attacked by that sweet little face. I'm used to it, so I come prepared!

    Sluggo is one cutie-patootie :]

  10. Hi izzy and Josie sistas, and Anakin too,
    Yes that is me holding down the couch. It's becoming my new thing. Sometimes Ilike to walk around the back of it to find just the right perch. Nobody else goes up there either so it is all mine. Tough to find places like that some days, if you know what I mean.
    I know, everybody is goin' soft on Sluggo Me Buggo Boos. It's hard not to. Even I fall prey to his wiles.

    Kitty & Coco,
    Same rules apply here. If you don't like pug hair and be mauled by pugs, don't bother coming over.

    Sal's Mom,
    Step right up, you're next!

    Mr. Pip,
    You know we do. Life of the party!

    Benny & Lily,
    So rude of me, shall I get you a towel?

    Sluggo says he would like nothing more than to pile some Sluggo love on sweet Tweedles and her Mom!

    Sluggo says, they love it, don't let 'em tell you different!

    Jessica Lynn,
    Sluggo says, he likes a girl who can appreciate a good face licking.

  11. seems to me you are queen of the say the back of anycouch would do and is quite the nspot in my eyes.



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