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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom~ On a Serious Note

"Be Aware, Be Informed"
I don't know if any of you have ever been over to A Pug a Day Keeps the Doctor Away,
but Amaroo posted today that last week she lost her beloved pug Bibi-Briget Von Baskervill.
Bibi was only three years old and she was in good health.
She died after a severe allergic reaction to annual vaccines.

I am dedicating this weeks words of wisdom to Bibi.

I hope that if any of you were not aware of the potential dangers of vaccines, you will ask your Veterinarians for all the information they can provide. With that, you can make informed decisions and possibly prepare for any complications.
Now, I'm not going to get on a soap box about vaccinations. I have had them, and luckily, have suffered no ill effects from them. I now have titers drawn to see if I have antibodies to diseases
 I have recieved vaccines for in the past. I have tested positive for antibodies and have not recieved unnecessary shots.

I hope that none of my friends ever has to suffer such a tragic and senseless loss.

Here are a few links to help you research information on vaccines. Nothing replaces the professional advise of a trusted Vet.
Healthy Pet

Organic Pet Digest

American Veterinary Association

Please stop by Amaroo's blog to offer her support during this sad time.


  1. Hi Wilma!

    Thanks for the information! We were sorry to hear
    Bibi passed away at such a young age. It's
    always a good idea to read up on things,
    and ask the doctors!

    -Dana & Daisy

  2. WIlma, thanks for this good information. Momma is kinda freaking out now (as she is prone to doing) because I am supposed to go in in a few weeks for all of my shots.

    What to do, what to do... We'll be doing our research...


  3. Oh Wilma...we're so sorry to hear about your friend!!! That is awful!

    I had a VERY bad reaction to my first annual shots when I turned 1. Mom FLIPPED out and drove me right back to the Vet and they were able to help me and I was ok....BUT, now I go back a few times and they break them all up so I don't get them all at once.

    It's a few extra pokes, but it's easier for most doggies to "process" it all this way!

    (((((HUGS))))))) to all of you and please know how sorry we are about your friend!


  4. Oh, how absolutely heartbreaking. I am so sorry to hear this news. :(

    Thanks for the important information on vaccines, Wilma, we all need to be informed ... even if we have a good vet.


  5. Oh Wilma~

    We are so sorry to hear about your friend. We visited 'dat bloggy and 'da hooman is a fantastic artist!! Hopefully she will finds comfort in her drawings and know 'dat Bibi is her Angel!!

    Mommy's friend Susan ('da one wits know..wits the questionable pix of Anakin)
    Well, she has 6 doggies, 5 of which are puggies!! One of her puggies she cannot vaccinate because she had an allergic reaction to her annual shots, butt 'day were able to save her.
    So they have to be careful of her. Like she can't go to a lot of functions because she is susceptible to certain things.

    We will think of your friend and say a pawrayer for hers!!

    Josie, Izzy and Anakin Man

  6. Such sad news!!!! One of my bf's Pugs was in emergency recently for this same thing. Luckily he made it through, but will now have to be monitored! It is ALL so stressful!

  7. This is very important Wilma and thank you for posting about it. Sequoia has to be admitted to the vets office and pre medicated with IV stuffs and post medicated due to her severe reaction. It was only by luck (and wonderful ER care) we stayed in Petsmart (next to the Banfield vet)looking for food when she coded in the asile. She just vomitted and fell over unresponsive. It had been about 15 minutes since the shots (she was 3 1/2 yrs old and had the shots before) and usually we are home by then. We pre med Tuni just incase and stick around about 30 minutes after every time. Now we never leave them alone for the first 24hrs after the shots. Thanks again for this post. We are so sorry to hear of the loss though.


  8. We are so sad this happened to your frined.
    Wew went to give some love to the mama.
    Thank you Wilma for telling us- so our moms can be more careful



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