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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Special Sunflower Sisters Spotlight~ Sequoia and Petunia

We interrupt Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom to bring you a very special post. I am very excited to present to you our second edition of the Special Sunflower Sister Spotlight.
This time around, we decided to honor Sequoia and Petunia.
They are moving across the whole country, and we would like to help them feel special during this time of transition

Before they left, I made secret arrangements to receive pictures and updates from the road. The Girls have been high-jacking their parents computer while they were sleeping to send word of their cross country adventure. 

Here they are at the start of their big move. 

First stop Indiana
Tuni and Sequoia were met at the Indy 500 by Salinger, Hank and Molly for some laps around the track

After a few laps everyone was feelin' the heat and decided to go over to the bar for some PBR

After sleeping off the brews, it was time to hit the road. This time they were headed toward Illinois Where everyone would be in for a big surprise.

Illinois is where. Josie's man Stubby  and Sequoia's sweetheart Anakin live. So they all planned to meet for some 4th of July fireworks in Chicago. Low and behold, when they got there Petunia's boyfriend Winston was there to meet them, all the way from Canada! He was so excited that his girl was coming to live near him, he decided to travel all that way to surprise her. Not only that, but unbeknown  to her, Josie arranged for Izzy to be surprised with a visit from her long lost sister Lizzy!
Needless to say, fireworks were flying all around that night.

Petunia and Winston were off getting popcorn for everyone when this picture was taken [read fotoflexer decided to stop working at this point in the project]

Next stop Kansas, hopefully for some bar b que!

The Slimmer Pugs  met up with Tuni and Sequoia at, get this, an 8 story tall Sunflower Club meeting headquarters!

They had an impromptu Sunflower meeting right there.
They all decided to let the boys stay. After all, they did the driving and provided crowd control.

Look out Melissa and Emmett, here we come!!

When they got to Colorado to meet up with Emmett they all decided it would be fun to get wild and do some white water rafting.

They had a blast with Emmett but it was time to go to
 sexy Nevada to meet Daisy.

They met Daisy at the Starbucks at the casino.
Everybody got lucky. 

Close to reaching their destination, they swung up through California to do some surfing with Bellatrix

When Tuni saw the size of the waves, she decided to do the smart thing and read on the beach while those young girls decided to risk life and paw.

Get ready  Tweedles
Tuni and Sequoia are on their way to visit before they reach their final destination.

That's all I have so far folks. Soon, our Sunflower sisters will be spreading the love all over Washington.
I hope they have as much fun there as they did getting there!


  1. OMG, I love this post! So creative and fun! I think my favorite is the white water rafting pic. Brilliant!

    Stay cool, all you puglets out there!


  2. Hi Wilma! What a perfect tribute to Sequoia & Tuni! I totally love it and so will they.

    It was great to finally meet those girls and watch the fireworks. Hopefully we can all get together and party like only pugs can do!

    Stubby xoxo

  3. Oh my word what a gang! You guys look like you are having a blast. Thank goodness you slept it off and had some coffee in the morning. Hysterical!!
    Benny & Lily

  4. What a great tribute Wilma!!! I hope they enjoy their new home as much as their old one!!!

    ~Happy Hump Day~


  5. OMG!!! This is great!!!

    PS I wondered why Hank and Molly smelled of exhaust fumes. Mystery solved!

  6. Mom's having toublr breathing and is on the floor......we hope she's gonna be OK. Oh, Oh, she's LAUGHING!

    Great Job Wilma!!

    Gen & "Lefty" (aka the Foo)

  7. Gurrrreat post! Gosh, we are sad we missed out on the pawty. Those girls know how to sight see I tell you.
    Our favorite was the Starbucks meet-up. Soo funny.
    Sighs (Kitty), and snorts (Coco)

  8. Holy Moly! This blog totally made my day! This is hysterical, it really is amazing. I just know Tuni and Seuoia are going to love this and know we're all here for them at this big change. If there was an Oscar award for blogs, this would have won!


    THIS IS TRULY... and we's mean it... TRULY.....


    Mommy is dying right now... she is e-mailing her friends to check 'dis outs...
    'dis is a riot Wilma!!!!

    Sequoia and Tuni and going to LOVE 'dis!!!

    Mommy's not even mad 'dat we's snuck outs on 'da 4th to meets ups wits 'dems to watch 'da fireworks!! 'dey's going to be so glads yous got photos of's its!!!

    This is good stuff!!!!!


    Big Hugs!!!!

    Josie Sista ( IzZY is on's her way home from yous house...hee hee)

  10. Holy Kitteh Kat Krap, I am exhausted from da traveling nows.....WHEW! I don't travels good. Oh I comes from da Elgin They tells me to come meets you...Hellos, I'm Puddles. I am doxie not a pug, hopes dat be oks.

    Fantastical work on you editing skills.

  11. What an incredible post! Who knew you were so creative, Wil...and on your Mommy's birthday!
    Atta girl. Loved it!

  12. Hi Auntie,
    Thank you for the compliment.Doesn't that rafting look fun?!

    Hi Stubby,
    Thanks for helping make it a great 4th for the girls. That's right, party like a pug! I sure hope youare feeling better every day Stubby!

    Hi Benny and Lily,
    You know it, thank goodness the parents were driving!

    Hi Lilo,
    Happy Hump Day toyou too. That was an awesome post you did for all our struggling sisters. Ans Stubby too.

    Hank buddy,
    I definitely gotta party with you.You look like you were having a blast. Hi to Molly too!

    Hi Jen and "Lefty"
    I'm so glad your Momma is OK and she was actually having fun when she was on the floor. Foo, I am sending healing vibes to your eyes. I hope you are back to using both of 'em soon.

    Hi Kitty & Coco,
    Looks like fun over at the casino.Did you see all those winnings? I should go out and play a number today.Mom's groceries came to 77.78 today and the man behind her gave her a penny so she paid 77.77 on 7/7.

    Hey Bellatrix,
    Thanks for the nomination, maybe someone could submit the post to the academy. They might make an exception, seeing that a pug did it and everything.

    Josie, Izzy and Anakins,
    Thank you so much for the accolades. I'm glad your Momma liked it.I am still so excited for Tuni and Sequoia to see it. I'm glad you didn't get in trouble for sneaking out. Is Izzy home yet?

    Hi Puddles,
    Thanks for coming by. Glad to have you. We don't discriminate here. We love all dogs and some cats. We just love pugs extra.

    Hi Grammy I know thats you. That's cuz I'm smart.I used context clues. Glad you liked it.I wanted to do something extra special for Mom's Birthday!

  13. What an awesome pawsome post Wilma! We luvs it so's like you were sending a tribute out to everyone...even though it was specially meant for Tuni and Sequoia. The impromptu meeting in Goodland...a fair distance from where we live (outside Wichita, the Air Capital) was met by home cookin' and driving directions. It was raining otherwise...bummer...could have taken' them up to some Ghost Towns and did some rodeoing. But we dids hugs and send them on their way with smiles!
    Luvs you muchums!
    -The Slimmer Sunflower Sisters
    Gracie Lynn, Lily Jayne, and Mimi Roo
    PS: We loved the beach scene with Tuni in her hats the bestums! :)

  14. Hello Wilma!! I did make it home late afternoon!!
    I did some bloggying and 'den took a nap!! I had fun playing wit you guys!! Thanks for having me's!!

    Mommy is still taking 'bouts yous posts!! She and Josie and I loves it...
    We's all excited for Sequoia and Tuni to see's it too!!
    Nite Nite..

    Flower Power Sista,
    IzZY Bug

  15. I tells you what...... Those girls are going to be exhausted once they reach their new homes. I had a blast at the fireworks. Mum is just loving this posts.

  16. OMG.....this was one of the cutest posts I have seen! I love the journey! Found you over at Tweedles Blog. Your blog is such fun & I love the whole Sunflower Sister concept. I will be following you now! Hugs, Diane

  17. Wilma sunflower sister girlfriend
    This was just outrageous. You must be exhaugsted after all this! You are totally awsome and yes- you would get an oscar for this.
    This has been tooooo fun. I see my friend Diane came to visit- spreading the love ya know
    girl friends are forever.

  18. Wilma we LOVES it!!!!! Oh we had so much fun drving 3000miles and you posted the best parts. Mom was laughing at Tuni with her glasses on at the beach reading!!!! This is by far the best post we have seen.

    And we also hope your Mom had a great birfdays.

    Sequoia and Tuni



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