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Monday, July 26, 2010


Good Morning everybody..huh, what's that Brigitte? It's afternoon already?!!
Well good afternoon everybody!
Pardon my appearance, I am exhausted after this weekend.

I would like to thank all my "girls" for making the first annual Camp Sunflower such a huge success.

*note to Izzy ,Josie, Pearl, Spongy and Licky*
(I was able to convince my Mom that you all showing up at home like a bunch of hot messes was all just a bunch of girl pug drama.
As punishment for all my "fibs" I had to break down camp and clean up after our mess. A small price to pay for all the good times)

Hey girls, those dumb boys over at The Fire Hydrant Club don't think we know they were spyin' on us this weekend.

Duh, didn't they think we had security?

That was one of the main purposes of the club,
so WE could spy on THEM.

Plus, Kitty and Coco have proof!

I just had to get up and tell you all about those silly boys and say thanks again for such a great time.

It's back to bed for me, Clearly,I still have some beauty rest to catch up on,

Lap please! Sluggo, I feel a chill from the AC

Brigitte! You  sleeping again?


  1. Wilma,
    I would like to thank your momma for telling my momma that I was well-behaved this weekend! I ALMOST got grounded, but I think I am in the clear now! PHEW!

    I had sooo much fun at camp! You guys were the best hosts ever!!!! Thank you for having me!

    And to the SPIES... you boys will pay. We know what you were up to.


  2. We had a blast at camp thanks Wilma!

  3. Hola Chicas!!
    Do you miss us, we miss all you allot!
    After going to Mass at 7:00 am to confess our good behavier to our priest, and Thank's to your Mom , who said we where like Saints and the Tatoo's where removeable.
    We want to thank you for having us.
    Can't wait for next years camp!!!!
    We have to know, to pray a Rosary, May God Bless you all.
    Spongy & Licky

  4. Hi Wilma
    I had the best time ever at camp. I ate so much wonderful food that I can hardly waddle. The cook sure knew how to make the best hot dogs.
    I enjoyed the nature trail. So much to see and look at. Oh and the campfire songs, those were the bestest of all.
    Thank you for inviting me. Camp memories never fade

  5. You girls needed your rest after our weekend. Wilma, you did that pawty right I tell you. So much fun and thanks for the mention. It was our first sleep over but mom says we were pretty good and will be allowed back next year.

    Kitty and Coco

  6. Hi Wilma!

    Glad to hear your camping trip was such
    a fun success! It sounds like all the
    ladies that attended had a blast!

    -Dana & Daisy

  7. Hiya Wilma, the only good thing about camping is the s'mores! Yummers all the way around.

  8. HA HA HA Wilma!!

    Sorry I'z could comment sooner, butt Mommy and Josie were ons 'da puters and I didn't want Mommy to seeug this ug!!

    Yep!! Mommy totally bought it!! Like a cheap pair of shoes on sale 'dat she thoughts she getting good deals!! HA HA HA!! SNORTS!!

    She's so silly!! Josie was burping 'da alpha bets..and we's are finally recovered!! We's were sooooo sleepy time!! Oh we need to do this agains!! So much funs!!
    Maybe a trip to day FAIR!! oOh...
    doot doot do doot doot do...rollar coaster.. of PUGS..rolla do doot do!! HA HA!!

    Laters show biZ..
    IzZY Sista

  9. Wow...there was a whole lotta PugButt shakin' going on!!! Way to move it girls!!!!

    DId anyone solve the mystery of that weird "Emma" girl? She seemed familiar, but I can't quite put my paw on where I might know her from. Strange!

    A.K.A. DJ Salisbury SteakButts

  10. Hi Wilma! Now you know I wasn't spying on you guys, right? I got my garlic, visited with my Josie and then hit the road.

    I think you may need a whole week to recover from the weekend!

    Stubby xoxo

  11. Hi Pearl,
    Whew, I'm so glad you are in the clear. Thanks for coming to the camp. Who knew you were such a wild child.

    What up Sequoia and Tuni!!!

    Oh, Spongy and Licky,
    Wemissyoulike crazy. Can't wait to seeyou again. Very nice to know I have someone with an in with the man upstairs. Thanks for putting a good word in for us.

    Kitty and Coco,
    Glad you came.I think I will nominate you as heads of security. Great job!

    Hi Daisy,
    I hope you can make it next time.I will plan our next get together for when you are available.

    Oh, sister. Today is my first day back on solid foods. I've been on crackers and ginger ale for two days. But it was worth it!!
    I love te idea of a fair. Wehave the BigE up here in September. Itis a giant agricultural fair for 6 states here in New England. Mom and Dad go every year to eat there way through the state buildings. Maybe we could get in there.

    Hey Salinger,
    Thanks somuch for keeping the good times going all weekend.You really know how to party.
    Yeah, I found out that Emma is Emmetts cousin from Oklahoma. Striking resemblance no?

    I know your intentions were pure.I appreciate your discretion.



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