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Friday, July 23, 2010

Camp Sunflower 2010 ~ New Pics!!~ Guess Who's Home

Welcome to Camp Sunflower ladies!!!

We are so glad you are here!!

We have a loosely planned schedule, but feel free to make yourself at home and get settled in.

The weather is a little drizzly right now, so we will be showing a movie in our cabin.
Poppycorn will be served.

After the movie, you can go back to your tents to get ready for

Disco Night with DJ Salisbury Steak Butt!

Please get comfy and prepare for the weekend of your life!
Check back often, we will be updating the schedule live.

Saturday Afternoon- Spa Makeovers- with Izzy and Josie with their Famous Mint Juleps

Saturday Evening 6:00 PM
First Annual Sunflower Club Talent Show
Show us what you've got girls, this will be free style

Saturday Night 8:00 PM-Weiner Roast and Sing Along

The following tunes are on the song list. Feel free to add some of your own!

On Top of my Kibble
On top of my kibble, all covered in cheese,
I lost my poor meatball when some puggy sneezed.
It rolled out of my food dish, and rolled toward my toys
And then it was scarfed up,
By some stinky boys.

There Aint Boy Pugs Near Me
There aint boy pugs near me no,
there aint boy pugs near me.
Might be boy pugs near you slugs but,
there aint boy pugs near me!

Niney nine Bully Sticks on the Wall
Ninety nine bully sticks on the wall,
ninety nine bully sticks.
Take one down, pass it around
Ninety eight bully sticks on the wall.
(you know the rest, count backwards to 0, or until somebody pukes bully sticks or a fight over them breaks out)

Liberty Roosevelt Wilhelmina
Liberty Roosevelt Wilhelmina
Her name is my name too,
Whenever we go out, I can hear the puggys shout,
There goes Liberty Roosevelt Wilhelmina
la la la la la la la

Saturday 10:00 PM- Carob S'mores with Tweedles, Gen & Lefty

Saturday Night-Midnight- Ghost Stories around the Bonfire at the Lake
By Special Request~ The Fabulous tunes continue with DJ Salisbury Steak Butts

Sunday Afternoon- 2:00PM
Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest
Potato Sack Races
Arts and Crafts

Here's a little tidbit for you...

Pearl and Brigitte getting down at the disco.

Saturday night by the lake...

The party is still rockin' it's not to 'hic, late to head on *burp* down!


It was a late night last night. We all had so much fun.We sisters all slept in this morning, and guess who was home when we woke up...

I guess after the initial excitement of seeing Grammy, Grampy, Auntie and Uncle he started moping around

Plus he forgot to pack his lambie.Mom had to go pick him up in the middle of  the night last night (she said it was because he was whining and waking everybody up, I say she couldn't sleep with out her Sluggy Bee).

Then Brigitee asked for my help...

She said she remembers something about sneaking in, having a glass of wine and sending an email to her former family telling them how much better we are than them.
Does anyone know how to unsend e-mail?

Oy Vay, take your eyes off these kids for one minute and all heck breaks loose.


  1. OMD a campout!!! Can I come?! Am I too late to sign up? I can bring a tent, I will borrow Chewy's! I can bring anything else you need me to, just let me know!! Oh I hope I can come!

  2. Oh Wilma, I am sooo glad to be here! You are the hostess with the mostest!

    I left a post on my bloggie about camp. I am sooo excited!

    I need to go get a popcorn refill now.


  3. Of course you can come C.L.O.V.E.R. You are a Sunflower Sister, you are automatically on the guestlist

    Hi Pearl,
    I am sending Mom to check out your post now!

  4. We are all packed up and on our way!! Check all the cRaZy stuff mom is sending us with! We can't wait for camp,

    Gen & Lefty

  5. Hi Wilma,

    Nice to FINALLY meet you! My stoopid mom did not let you know that I joined the club a few days ago. I hopes that we can be furiends. Josie, and Izzy say you are all pretty cool...I think so too! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    Pees Come and visit me!

  6. Oh Wilma!!!!! We's so excited!!! Josie and I's got invited to a Slumber Pawty a few weeks ago at Luna's..butts its just for 2nite!! We's excited its going to be funs!! But we's Be over at camp SunFlower early Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We's so happy!!!
    We's spent alls days today packing our bags and we's broughts "water" and stuffs!!! YEAH!!!!!
    Pawty here we's come!!!!!!

    FLOWER POWER!!!!!!
    Izzy and Josie Siter!!

  7. Ha!! Looks at 'da last lines!!

    We's started drinking 'da "water"

    Siter instead of Sista... burp

  8. Ha Ha!!
    It's Josie and Izzy... Burps...
    we's on 'da puters at Luna's!!
    Nice dress Wilma!!
    We see Pearl 'dere too and DJ Salisbury Steak butts!!
    We's...Pffftt..burp...see yous soooooon!!


    (pee-s... Wilma...keep yous girls in 'da dress)
    hee hee)

    Izzy & Josie Sista

  9. Hi Wilma
    Can someone help me drag my sleeping bag out of this magic bubble?, I just need a little help.
    I arrived a little early, so I can get an earley start on all the fun,
    Can I pitch my tent down here by the campfire? That is just perfect. I brought a bag of marshmellows for a mid night snack. Gee the sunset is just gorgeous tonight. The full moon will be coming up soon.
    I can't wait to make those Carob S'mores with Gen & Lefty.
    oh yes, I am an expert seed spitter too,
    Do you mind if I sing some campfire songs tonight?


  10. Oh me's oh my's... We's hads our goggles ons..'dats Brigs in 'da Tigers Dress ups 'deres!! Grrrrr..... Meow!!! SNORTS!! HA HA!!! C U SOOOOON!!!!! We's get some sleeps now at Luna's for a fews and 'dens heads ups deres!!

    Josie and Izzy Sista

  11. Oh Wilma, I am having so much fun!! This disco
    dress is so sassy!!! I think I had a few too many

  12. Good Morning sistas!
    Welcome Tweedles, I trust you got settled in OK last night, I sent Sluggo to help with your bags, he is leaving for his Grammy's this morning.

    Many more of our guests should be arriving soon, I hope Brigitte and Pearl aren't too "tired" to keep the party going today!!

    I've got Dad making us dutch oven biscuits and bacon down on the wood stove. Meander down when you are ready!
    This is so much fun.
    I snuck in last night and got on Moms computer.
    Pearl, we will definitely need the items in your orange suit case for beauty treatments this afternoon. And we can wear the watermelon dresses that Gracie, Mimi and Lily are bringing.
    < Josieug youug couldug haveug itug onug forug yourug secretug meetingug withug Stubbyug>

    OK ladies, lets PARTY!!!!!

  13. oh what fun! i mean emma looks beautiful! he i mean um... she, just bought a new dress and is on her way!
    she cannot wait for the facials!
    m & e

  14. Morning ladies! We are having so much fun at camp! Tuni can't wait for the S'mores roast and I am going to have funs at the disco!!! Thanks for hosting Wilma!!


  15. OH HELLO'S EVERYONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Who's readys for some of my Famous Mint Juleps & some Mani and pedi's!!

    Oh's where's we puts our stuffs down!!
    Wheres 'da shower at's?? and 'da turlit's??
    We's get sitchy achy firsts!!


    IzZY & Josie Sista

  16. Hi there er...uh...Emma,
    Let's get you to the spa straight away. What do you say, chin wax? Love that dress. Is that a Vera Wang?

    Tuni & Sequoia,
    So glad you could make it! It's hotter than a whore in church without her panties on right now. A bunch of us are going down to the lake to cool off before oir mani pedis Join us after the disco.

    OH YEAH!!!
    It's those Elgin girls. Let's get the party started right!Mint Juleps all around!

  17. Well girls, after taking 5 ibuprofen and drinking 3 Gatorades.... I think I am ready to rejoin the fun!!! I think I want my pawdicure to be purple!!!

  18. Hello girls!!! Just joined the pawty, and are ready for some refreshments. Stay tuned in for our posts, because I can't wait to show everyone the fun they are missing out on. I am going with that hot tamale hooker red on my nails! Mom says Coco is too young for that, so she gets Barbie pink with sparkles.
    Oh yeah and we will be bringing the ginger snaps.
    Keep on drooling boys.

    Kitty and Coco (in the club getting tipsy)

  19. Hi Wilma! Thanks so much for letting me stop by to pick up the garlic. It looks like you gals are having quite a good time but my lips are sealed. I won't tell any of the other boys what fun you're having.

    Stubby xoxo

  20. *whispers*Izzy, quick, get Josie out here.Is she ready? Are her nails dry? Stubby's here.

  21. Hee Hee's!!!!!!!!

    Ssshhhhh....I's just saw STUBBY'S!!!!... oops.. i's means... I's just saw stubbys..sshhh.. don't tell anyone!!
    No one snap snapped any pho-toes??
    I's don't wanna see anytings on 'da internets!!


  22. TURN IT AROUND GIRLS!!!!!!!!! **throws glitter**

    I'll be here spinnin' tunes all night for your fabulous layyyydeez!!!!

    Could someone bring me a martini with some extra olives? I'm PARRRRCHED up here at the DJ stand workin my PugBooty!

    Keep shakin' it guuurlz!

    Sunflower Love,
    DJ Salinger Salisbury Steakbutts (in the hizzouse!)

  23. Pee S.

    Josie girrrrl...ya drunk mess! How come your fur is all messed up????

  24. Hee Hees...Ummms What?? Who's me?? You means Izzy rights?? Not Josies?? ME?? Ummm.. WHAT??


    I can't hear yous Salisbert and Ernie Butts over 'da musics...Burps....GOTTA GOES..

  25. Why do I's have garlics ins 'da pockets on my dress???

  26. Hey Ladies,
    It' Brigitte
    Dad set up a sound system down by the lake so we can keep spinnin' the tunes and dancin'well into the night.
    Does anyone no where Izzy and Wilma went, last I heard they were mixing up cosmos, then I think they started drinking and dialing.

  27. Hi girls, this is Pearl's momma. She just returned home from a weekend at obedience school and she has marshmallows stuck in her fur, bags under her eyes, and a temporary tattoo of a sunflower on her ankle. If anyone wants to explain this to me.... I'll be waiting. Pearls lips are sealed, but I think you girls are up to something.
    -the momma

  28. Hello Kathy! It's Katy! Umm.. One of my daughters..Josie, has garlic all over her?? In her pockets of her dress, in her fur??

    Izzy smells like strange brew. She has glitter in her fur and like Pearls Momma said.. Marshmallows stuck in her fur too and all over her dress.

    They both have Sunflower tattoos (temp..relief)
    on them too.. Izzy on her butt and Josie's on her ankle 'prolly like Pearls.

    I found these weird Cup Cake cups with questionable fluids in them.

    Well, at least they are home in one piece..
    At best, they had fun!!

    Will I allow them to go away to camp again??
    Let me wait for my cell phn bill to come because there is word that Izzy was "water" dailing people!!

    She said she used Brigs phn??

    Oh Boy!!

    A couple of Izzy's old boyfriends have been looking for her today??


    Kindest Regards,
    Pugga Momma

  29. Buenos Dias Señoritas!!!!!!!!!!!(hu hu)
    We mean goodmorning ladies,
    We would like want to thank for such Spiritual Spa Campout, the "water" therapy work wonders on my face wrinkles(hic up),and the zen music Salingera played.(hu hu), Wilma and the girls where wonderfull to us since where new friends to you.
    Thank you again,
    Hugs and kisses
    Spongy and Licky

  30. Good Morning,
    this is Spongy and Licky Mama,
    We need to clarify something they said they were meditatin all weekend, but they have horrible smell of tequila, that they said it was purifing water massage.
    And they been meditating all mornig they don't even want there scrambly eggies for breakfast, the weird thing all they want is Huevos Rancheros with extra extra spicy hot sauce, so they can purify themselve.
    And both off them have sunflower tattoo all over, and piercing!! OMG!!! We are catholic, we do not tatoo our puggies!!
    What happen they said it was very spiritual?
    please explain their father and I are concern
    Best Regards
    La Mamma

  31. Hi Pearls Momma,
    This is Wilma here. Um, that's not marshmallow, it's a mineral spa ointment. The bags under her eyes are uh, part of the detox. Yeah, she had the detoxfication followed by obedience lessons. The sunflower is to subconciously reminder of the lessons she learned about being a good girl and uh, listening to her Mom and Dad. Yeah, that's all.She was very well behaved. You shouldn't have any problems with her.Please don't be mad.

    Hi Katy,
    Wilma here. Mom is um, busy right now, but I am authorized to explain everything.
    About the garlic. Well,you know how Izzula is always bothering her and stuff. Well we gave her some garlic to protect her.
    As far as Izzy is concerned, you are probably just smelling our Sunflower Punch. We made it with grapes from my Grammys. Same ointment as Pearl with the marshmallow. Very good for the fur. And the glitter is from our arts and crafts project. Did you help her unpack yet? There should be a glittery cards for you and their Dad telling you how much she loves you.

    And it's true. We used Brigittes phone. She has an unlimited minutes plan...huh, what....excuse me...OK OK,you could have the computer Mom sheesh, we didn't do anything wrong, honest.

    Hi Katy, Pearls Momma and La Mamma,
    Kathy, Wilma and Brigittes Mom here....

    the girls were all perfectly fine all weekend. In fact most of them were asleep by 10:00 PM. I think what we have here is a case of peer pressure. They want to seem cool to all the other doggy bloggers out there so they, shall we say embelished the truth just a little.
    Although my Husband did say it looked like his garlic supply had been disrupted. Not sure what happened there. Also, when I was picking up Sluggo last night, he said he caught a boy by the back gate. He said he was a very polite young man and he helped him get safely back on the road.

    All the Sunflower girls were very polite and considerate. You should all be very proud of them. I would never let anything happen to your girls while they were here.I am looking forward to hosting Camp Sunflower 2011.
    Now as far as the fibbing goes, I am going to sit and have a serious discussion with my girls.

    I'll be closely monitoring the situation should you have any further concerns, please get in touch.

  32. Oh Wilma Momma!! Izzy & Josie's Momma here!!

    Thank you for putting my mind at ease!!

    You did a fabulous job with your girls..I wouldn't be too hard on them. I tend to get alittle over protective of them. I did find the nice card the my girls made for me that your girls were speakings of!!
    So sweet!!
    I'm glad they had fun and thanks for keeping an eye on them!!
    Would I send them to Camp SunFlower 2011.
    YES.. Of Course :D
    You've got great girls as do I!!

    Izzy and Josie are sleeping, but they will come visit yous ladies tomorrow!!
    Thanks again!!


    Pugga Momma

  33. Sorry.. they will come visit "your" ladies.. not "Yous" ladies.. It's really Katy... not Josie

  34. hi my friends
    Your not going to believe what happened to me. First of all I went for a little walk and got lost, and I could not find my way back.
    Thankfully my owl friend Owlbert who watches out for me, found me and brought me back home,.,, so I am safe and sound, and I had the time of my life. Wilma you were such a wonderful host and guide and we all had everything we needed,
    I was so happy to meet you and all my sunflower sisters.

  35. Oh, no!!! We missed camp! We're so sorry. We had family come from Canada to visit us and we've on the go, go, go since Thursday!

    It looks like you all had a great time!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy



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