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Monday, August 29, 2011

Bone? What Bone? I Don't See No Stinkin' Bone!

Dad said Mother Nature threw us a bone. I can't find any bones anywhere! Believe me I looked.
I even has Brigitte and Sluggo looking. Which meant if said bone was found there would probably have to be sharing.

Nope, nary a bone.

Then Dad explained that what he meant was that we were very lucky not to have suffered any damage from Hurricane Irene.

Well Duh! Why didn't he just say that?!
What is it with these humans not saying what they mean.
They speak in these weird codes, and it is very confusing. With us, it's simple. We know exactly how to communicate. Nice and easy, and quick.

Well, either way, what he meant when he said what he said is true!

See that big tree behind me?

That's the one we were worried about falling in the storm. Scratch that, the one Mom and Dad were worried about, which translated into a puke back for me.

The whole top of it sheared off in the tornado we had when we first lived here.
It is on the side of a big hill that is hard to access, so it will cost millions of treat dollars to fix it. Therefore, I have not sanctioned using the funds for such a thing.
You may also notice a rather sad looking sunflower behind me. Unfortunately, the sunflowers did not fare as well as we in this storm. But, Mom propped that one up.
Our big memorial sunflower was almost over anyway, so we lopped of the head to feed it to the finches!

But, not before a few photo op's

Even Sluggo had to get in on the shoot.

All kidding aside, we are truly grateful to have been spared from any damage related to the storm. Others were not as lucky, some  lost their homes, and others their lives.

I guess this Mother Nature lady is no one to fool with.
Today, we have nothing but blue skies!

Update on Oskar

 Oskar is doing better. He will be taken off IV's today, and if he does OK, he will be able to go home and continue to recover.

We are pretty good about not eating strange things. Except for Brigitte's problem of course. But, make sure you avoid eating stuff outside like mulch, grass, acorns and rocks. That is what Oskar had in his belly.
I said that it was probably because he is one of those skinny dogs. We pugs know better than to waste time on non food items. 

Well, mostly.


  1. Hi Wilma! I'm so glad that you guys are ok and that you don't have any major damage to report! Too bad about that bone not being real. I can just image how big a bone that would have been if that storm could have created one! ... Ok, I'm back - had to wipe the drool off the keyboard. Anyway, I think it's kinda fitting that the memorial sunflower is now being used to feed the birds. It was a beautiful tribute and now is helping other animals. Keep us posted on Oskar's progress.
    PS. I just love the 2nd picture. The one with you in the garden with the sun on your forehead. Just beautiful! And poor Sluggo...he still looks terrified!

  2. Wilma,I am so happy to hear you and your family were able to weather the storm with little damage.
    Please give my best to Oskar and tell him to stop eating those non-foodables.

  3. We're so glad that you made it through the storm in one piece. Even if she didn't leave you a bone!! You and Brigette look so pretty with the sunflower!



  4. Humans are crazy. They tell you they have a bone and then they don't give it to you. WTP?

    Love, Marlene

    pee ess: My mom is happy you are safe:)

  5. Hola Chicos!!!
    We are so Happy there was only leafy damage and all of yous are fine!! Your Dad is a meany, telling you about a big bone and no Bone to be find!! Love the Photos with the sunflower, but Sluggo still look scared!!
    Spongy & Licky

  6. Thank goodness Mother Nature spared your tree and your lives. Tell your silly humans to speak pug not human-no-one-can-understand code. I guess we really are the smarter species!

    So glad to hear that Oskar is doing better. I'm like you Wilma and know better than to waste my time eating non foodables. Rocks and acorns? YUK!


  7. So glad that you didn't get hurt at all and that your tree is still standing. Your yard even looks good!

  8. wonder if its like hiding and you have to find the bones. Thank goodness Irene left town
    Benny & Lily

  9. So glad you're all OK. I love your sunflower pictures.



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