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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finally, The Versatile Blogger Post

A while back our girls Tiffy, and The Southern Fried Pugs, Isabelle, Talulah and Petunia, bestowed upon us the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks girls! The gist of the award is to have our thumbed counterparts share seven things about themselves with you all. I finally allowed the spotlight to turn away from me and shine upon the Mom, so that she could complete the here goes, in no particular order.

1.) She's the "big sister". She has two younger brothers. That's why she always thinks she's the boss. That is until I came along!

2.) Mom used to fancy herself one of those "Dead Heads". She has more than a few Grateful Dead concerts under her Guatemalan belt.

3.) She has a chitinous exoskeleton.

4.) Mom has platypus feet, and ham fists. Ask me some day to share Dad's caricatures depicting the ham fists!

5.) She comes from a long line of yellers.

6.) She has no conscience when it comes to ice cream. If it is in the house, she doesn't care if anyone else gets any, she will eat it. Never, has an ice cream product developed freezer burn in our house.

7.) She wants to fill the world with silly love songs.

Now, here is where we bend the rules a little. I'm supposed to pass this award on to seven other bloggers. Some of you have received it already, and I think you all rock. So, if anyone is feeling a little shary, go on ahead and help yourselves. I would love to learn a little more about everyone's assistants with the opposable thumbs!


  1. Our moms have the same obsession with ice cream. It sucks cause I never get anything!

  2. Hi Wilma
    Congratulations on this AWARD!
    I love all those special things about your mom that make her unique!
    Any mom who loves icecream as much as me,,, is a perfect mom!
    Your mom has some very special qualities including her choice of music!

  3. Great post, Wilma! I guess I should have shined the light on Momma when I received the award - oops! Anyway, it's great to learn stuff about your mom. She is one lucky chick to have you guys!


  4. A chitinous exoskeleton, really? And platypus feet and ham fists? You make your mom sound like some sort of Greek mythical creature! We bet she's really more like a Greek goddess.

  5. Hola Chicos!!!!
    Your Mom sounds Great!! Anyone who love Ice Cream is a wonderful person!!! But la Mamma Google chitinous exoskeleton??? it say's "A Chitinous Exoskeleton is a hard firm shell... For example anything that crunches when you squish it, is chitinous. Like any Arthropods.. Spiders, crabs,, insects and so on"" Wilma is your Mom a Spider then we are going to have problems La Mamma hates spiders so we hope you are the Arthropods what ever that means sound better than spider!!! We will Google the rest tomorrow!!! We have missed lot of hugs and Bechos
    SPongy & Licky

  6. Your mom sounds awesome. You have a great way of describing her...we don't quite get the Grateful Dead part but our mom seems to identify...

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill



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