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Saturday, August 27, 2011

We're Ready

Hi everyone, it's Brigitte. I am on call Duty Officer this week, so I have been in charge of preparedness for the storm headed our way.
I just wanted you to know, we are bracing for the brunt of the hurricane, and I have done everything possible to be ready. By my calculations, the biggest threat is flooding of our basement, or damage from the giant pine in the back of our house. We are not near the beaches, but there is a river near by. Our house is up on a hill though, so we are hoping for the best.

Wilma also wanted me to thank you all for your kind thoughts for Oskar. We haven't heard anything yet, so we are operating on the premise of no news, is good news.

She also says thanks for all of your thoughtful advise regarding the loghouse. She especially likes Mr. Pip's idea to fill the doghouse for a cause. So we are going to take all of your advise into consideration. Right now, we are using the doghouse. We are cozied up inside of it, down in the Club (basement), keeping safe.

We hope all of our friends and family fare well in this storm. we'll check in soon

Love, Brigitte


  1. We hope that you don't flood and no trees fall on you. We also hope Oskar gets better real quick. That is really scary and we are sending our pug snorts your way. Keep safe and keep us posted.


    The dog house is cool!

  2. Brigitte! We know you guys will be just fine since you're in charge of safety. Tell Wilma and Sluggo that I said hi. You all are in our prayers. Keep us posted when you can.

  3. Wilma
    I think you have everything under control!
    Our hearts are right with you,,,, be safes..
    we send our prayers for all of you

  4. Hola Brigy!!
    Ohh my you sure look ready for anything!! We are sending Good juju and Prayers so everyone is safe from the Hurricane and Oskar to be better!! But you got La mamma nervous please get out of the basement the Doghouse you don't want to be flooded!! Keep up with the good Work Brigette!!
    Hugs and Bechos
    Sppngy & Licky

  5. Good luck in the hurricane Brigitte, we will be sending some prayers your way ;)


  6. oh that is the perfect storm fort wilma, sluggo and brigitte!
    stay safe, dry and warm!
    we will keep checking in on you!

  7. Looks like you are all set Duty Officer. Be safe and get that Irene outta here
    Benny & Lily



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