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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Week on the CApe ~ we came, we saw, I pooped

Warning, heavy vacation picture post. But you should definitely stick around for the stories

Wow, we've arrived home from the Cape, and boy do I need a vacation!

I mean, I did manage to get in a lot of relaxation time. However, we also squeezed a lot of life into our family retreat.

The week started out kinda radical. Sluggo had his typical "floor issues".

"Wah, it's too shiny"

Then Mom and Dad thought they were going to fling me down Commercial st in Britte's hooptie! WTF!

My people can't see me slummin' it.

Of course, she opened with her typical goody two paws act.

Don't worry, she canceled out all the good in just 5 short hours by being a total jerk on the ride home today.

Of course, me being me, I have no need to impress with good behavior. I had my traditional ass crack of dawn wake up calls.
They looked something like this from the parental perspective...

" I'm up, let's go! Get up!"

As long as we are on the subject of my stellar performance, allow me to share a real gem.

It was yesterday morning. I knew my time was limited if I wanted to create an instant classic. When I awoke, it came to me.... a prank so awesome, that it will be talked about for years to come.

It was clear to me, that everyone was pretty soft from the former evenings activities. Easy marks. 
I started out by charming everyone with my coquettish ways. 

I sauntered across the hall where I could hear Auntie stirring. Then, I took a preliminary stroll around the bedroom to case the joint.
He,he, Auntie was sweet talking to me. She thought I was there just to spread some love. Once she went into the bathroom, I slipped back out onto the landing where I was acting so cute, Mom took my picture...

Perfect, I had lulled them all into a false sense of security.
It was then that I took my golden opportunity and crept back into the bedroom, where I thought Uncle was asleep.

Apparantly, I was wrong on that account.
As he tells it, he heard three sounds. One, the clink of my collar.
Two, some grunting sounds, and finally, what sounded like someone dropping marbles on the floor.
Then, Auntie returned, at which time Uncle exclaimed, "great idea, letting Wilma in here"

I think it is safe to say that at this juncture, I am a lock for the coal at this years Christmas festivities. It was totally worth it!

 There was much more fun had this week, and tomorrow I will share with you a story that will put my Dad in a close second to me for the coal! In the meantime, a couple more of my favorite shots from the week.

Out on the skip for my morning jog.

Brigitte joins me

Sluggo, out ahead of the pack!

Morning on the beach


  1. Hi Wilma
    I am just loving your trip to the Cape!
    The 3 of you strolling in the water looks like so much fun!
    I love the header of you all in the boat!
    What great photos!
    I think the prank you played was perfect, and your right,, I don't think it will be forgotten for awhile. (marbles tee hee hee)
    I would love to run on the beach with you!!
    Your photos you shared made me feel I was right there! Thanks for sharing the good times!

  2. what a fun trip! i love the new header with 3 pugs in a boat. so cute!

  3. Ah, Wilma. So glad you could keep up your antics even while on vacation. But seriously, what are you eating? Maybe it's the heat, but we are more of the gurgle gurgle splat variety at the moment. Mom changed our probiotics but .... excuse us, we gotta go!

  4. Hey Wilma! Such great vacation pictures! I especially like the new header photo in the boat and the one with all 3 of you in the water. What a great prank to pull when they least suspected anything. You are a master!
    PS. What are Sluggo's "floor issues"?

  5. Oh Wilma we love you so!!
    Xo Arliss & Tonka




    Ok I am calm now. Oh Wilma this is so funny I can't stop. Sluggo and the floors, Brig and her goody two shoes. But the best part..... the Poopie on the floor. Oh Wilma life is never borings with you around. You go girl! (even for a girl you are cool in a good sort of way)


  7. Hi Tweedles,
    We thought of you so many times this week. As the keeper of the sea, we felt you were sending us special visitors like the seals thatMom and Dad got to swim with and the sand dollar Mom found on the beach. I am glad you like our pictures, Mom took enough of them. I will allow her to share more soon.

    Hey there Southern gals,
    We eat Innova. Me and Britte get the senior plus with glucosamine and condroitin and Sluggo gets the adult small bites. They work well for him because he likes to puke up big kibbles. I like to pride myself on my well formed, barely stinky poops, but this week, like anyone away from home, production was slowed down to once a day. They were extra formed. Hence the marble reference I suppose!

    Sluggo's floor issues are that he gets all freaky when it comes to transversing unknown surfaces. The hardwood was shiney and he would not walk on it for the first day. Right now, Mom moved the kitchen island, and now he won't walk through that part of the kitchen. He doesn't like our Grammy and Grampy's floors, so he won't walk on them either. Sometimes he will attempt and succeed, but he always seems to regress. He's a weird one, that Sluggo.

    Thanks for the love Arlis and Tonka, I am kinda sweet on you two also!

    As much as I hate to admit it, I think you are pretty swell too. For a fire hydrant boy. I suspect it really isn't cool for us to be friends, but I don't much care. I'm me, and I do what I want!

  8. Love the beach pics! what is it about pugs and sand between their paws...

  9. Loving these pics!

    New England is my favorite vacation spot. Here's hoping I can get Hank up there some day!

  10. Wilma you really pulled (or should I say, pooped) a good one! Gave your ol' Auntie the run around. These are what vacations legends are made of.

    So Sluggy B has floor issues? Maybe you could post about that sometime. Kitty has crazy floor issues too. Cry baby.




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