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Sunday, August 7, 2011

P-town Part Deux ~ Dad's Faux Pas

check out Britte's twiddle feet!

When we weren't out carousing in the streets, eating fabulous meals or sunbathing at the beach, we did spend some time enjoying the lovely accommodations at our beach house.
One of which was a somewhat comprehensive a/v package.

One of the first attempts at viewing turned out to be somewhat of a challenge.
Grammy was trying to check out the latest episode of Say Yes to the Dress, and was having a hard time with the remote. I think everyone had tried to figure it out, when Dad decided to try his hand at it.
Allow me to paint a more detailed picture for your minds eye...

Grammy Grampy, Mom, Dad, Auntie & Uncle milling about getting ready for their day, when across the screen flashes something like this...

Only, there was an announcement on the screen for the upcoming feature titled....

"Drilling MILF Holes"

Now, I am not exactly sure what a MILF hole is, or what it takes to drill one, but apparently, it isn't something you want to do around your parents and siblings.
I say this because all of a sudden Dad had flung himself onto the couch in a hysterical fit of laughter and there were a whole lot of OMGs!!!! and Holy craps being exclaimed.

I'm pretty sure it was funny though because everyone was turning red and laughing like hyenas.

This next picture is for my girls. See, I am allowing Sluggo to post a picture for the Fire Hydrant Fellows that he is all proud of, so we need a check and balance system here.

We went to the Provincetown Bark Park one morning for a run around. It is a really cool park that was created through the kindness of the locals and local business and is run totally through donations. If I lived there I would plant some more trees though. If you don't get there early, it can be hot. I think it probably gets a lot more use during the cooler months as most of the dogs I saw were on the beach.
Nevertheless, we had a great time.

Here is an example of the signage at the park for the big and little dog area. See that pug, cute huh? Me and Mom went into the gallery where the artist's work is. She was not there at the time, but the lady we talked to said that she has a gaggle of rescued pugs herself. We looked at examples of her work done from photos. They are beautiful. We discussed commissioning pieces for me and the other two. They start at 750.00 for a 12"x12". Not sure if there are enough green papers in the kibble jar for that. Maybe if we win the lottery!

Dad says it looks like Brigitte is sending me to the brig, but I was only hopping up to follow the advice on the plaque.
you may have to biggify to read
OK, OK Sluggo! Your picture is next. Geesh!

There were lots and lots of engraved bricks all around the park. Sluggo was so excited to find this one, he posed for a picture for his boys.

Here are a few more I liked...

There was a nice area for people to sit and remember their friends at the rainbow bridge too.

we will try and finish up sharing vacation adventures this week. Mom is about to embark on a stretch of double that will put the glorious days at the beach far into her memory!


  1. Sluggo, well done on that fire hydrant pic. Oh and Tika and Kizzy luved the sunflower pic (whatever).

    OMP Mum is hysterical. I don't get it. I don't get the pic and the hole thingy. Mum says that is just the best. I guess yous gotta be a person to gets it?

    Totally fun times you guys had I am totally jealous!


  2. Oh more vacation stuff to look at.
    We love it all. Show us more!
    I like the sunflowers (of course)

  3. Wow...that's weird that dad thought this was a "working" vacation and was all set to watch instructional carpentry shows (we have to ASSUME that's what it was anyway! ;-)

    That doggie park is so nice! GREAT pics guys!!!!

    Wilma...did you "drop doots" in any other interesting places on your vacay??? HAHAHHAAAA!


  4. What a cool dog park! You 3 take some good pictures too! Sunflowers rock! My Gammy and Gampy's back yard neighbor has some, but they are kinda mean, so I haven't gotten up the nerve to pose in front of the flowers yet...

  5. That dog park looks great! Sounds like you had so much fun! Always sad to come back to reality after a fun time!

  6. oh wilma!
    what a fabulous vacation you all had!
    we love hearing all about it!
    your smiles and laughter are making us smile and laugh too!
    so fun!

  7. Now Wilma, you are too modest to tell everyone about your compliment from the homeowner on what good manners you all had. This was because two of you behaved quite well---and we never told about 'the incident' with your Aunt & Uncle! In all fairness though, you were wonderful most of the time. Loved spending the week with you and miss you now.


  8. OMD...Your dad really pulled a good foo-paw (our take on the word)! holy smokes that is funny. We LIVE for those kinds of things happening on vacations.

    The park was super cool. Nice tile action. Ours has agility equipment, but jack crap for seating. Guess we are supposed to exercise. Pfft.




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