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Monday, August 15, 2011

Can We Talk About Sluggo For a Minute?

Back when we were on vacation, I mentioned something about Sluggo's floor issues. I think I may have mentioned some of the boy's quirks before, but Payton asked me to expand on these "surface issues". So, I figured I'd take this opportunity to do so.

Let me start by saying, I love Sluggo to death. He is great to have around when your chilly, because he is a world class snuggler. He worships me, which can only be a good thing. Plus, he does whatever I tell him, another bonus.

I'm not going to mince words folks. smarts is not one of Sluggo's strong suits.

We call this his dumb look...

One of the many issues Sluggo has is with unfamiliar surfaces. Shiny ones especially.

The floors of our vacation house are refinished, very shiny....

hence, it took him over one full day to be able to traverse them without being carried.

Hey, at least he got over it out there, because at Grammy and Grampy's, he regresses every time he makes any progress. Will walk on regular wood floor, will not walk on new kitchen wood floor.

 Except at Christmas when he wouldn't come in the living room because of the tree.

Here he is at a meet up asking Mom to pick him up

then of course, there is the basement floor.

He'll come down the stairs because they are carpeted. But then beds and rugs need to be set up like Frogger for him to go any further.

Oh, then when he goes upstairs, he won't enter the kitchen from the basement. He'll just sit and cry 'til Mom carries him to safe ground.

Here he is sulking, because he can't/won't walk across the floor to be with the rest of us.

He's cuckoo , I tell you.
Other floors he won't walk on...
The Vets office
Won't leave the rug beyond the door at Petsmart
Multiple shops on the Cape.
In addition to these places he won't walk, Sluggo also doesn't like it when certain things are on top of other things.
It started when he was a puppy. He would bark at anything that was placed on top of his crate. Now, random places such as the dining room table, counter, etc.
There you have it. A peek into Sluggo's mind. Anyone else have neurosis such as these. We could use some tips before investing in therapy and doggie drugs!

I would also like to give a Birthday shout out to Lucky! She turns eight today. Hope your day is filled with all kinds of fun and special treats Lucky!

In addition to that Sunflower news, I am also sending out the Sunflower Power of the Paw to Gracie Lynn over at the Slimmer Pugs.
She is recuperating from surgery she had on her leg last week.

This was an unexpected expenditure for The Slimmers, as Mimi just had a similar surgery done, and they are having a chip in to help cover the cost. So if you are able, donate a few green papers. Even if you can't donate, I know she would appreciate a little get well wish!
Here's to a speedy recovery Gracie!


  1. Oh, poor Sluggo! He looks so nervous about those floors. I'm don't think I have any similar issues, which is good cause I have enough wrong upstairs (if you know what I mean). Heehee! Anyway, mom remembers that one time I started barking at a house during a walk cause they got new landscaping, but I don't recall such a thing. I think she is making it all up. Thanks for sharing this Wilma!
    PS. Happy Birthday to Lucky!!

  2. Oh Sluggo you are hilarious! Unfamiliar things to Lily are called monsters
    Benny & Lily

  3. Sluggo you are just a picky puggy! Tuni doesn't do any hard floors (wood, tile, linoleum) either. But that is just because she falls due to bag legs and old age. Sluggo we love ya...all the weird too!

    The Girls

  4. Poor Sluggo. I know that every now and then Lucky goes sliding across the laminate floor because it is so slippery but that's about it.

    Lucky says thanks for the birthday wishes.


  5. All those special little things about Sluggo just make him more special and more loved!

    Happy Birthday to Lucky!

  6. Well, that IS a cuhnuhndrum I tell ya what.

    Maybe yer mom should start throwin' treats on the floor. That oughtta cure him! An' it would work out perty good fer you, too.

  7. those pugs. while we're thinking they've got issues, they're thinking they've got us well-trained :)

  8. I really appreciate this info about Sluggo's quirks, as I believe we may be related! Just this weekend, I FLIPPED my lid about a toolbox that was sitting on the dryer. I find something new every day to be freaked out about!

    GO SLUGGO! I'm with ya!

  9. Erm, Klaus and Sluggo must be long lost brothers, because they have the EXACT SAME ISSUES - down to the tiniest details!

  10. Oh bless his little paws, sometimes its the quirks that make them completely unique and lovable though isn't it!

  11. Dear Wilma,
    I have a confession to make. Sluggo's issues are not his fault. See, he started life with me (Murphy) and I have the exact same issues. I hate hardwood, ceramic and any smooth surface in between. When we go to Grandma's, Mommy has to carry me upstairs because Grandma just got new hardwood through out the kitchen and living room. In fact, she has to bring in a rug runner from the bedroom so I'll come in the living room. It's awful.

    I know I should seek help, but I can't seem to overcome this fear. When we go to PetsMart, Mommy is practically pulling me across the floor as I do the low crawl. My tail is down, even when people stop to admire me.

    So it's really my fault. I talk Sluggo to fear the floor. (As well as teaching him the art of being a d*ck as Mommy and his Daddy put it.)

    Please forgive me,

  12. oh of my pugs phyllis won't walk into our living room, even though all of our floors are hard wood! she will stand in the hall and cry until i go get her. she and sluggo would really get along.

  13. wilma, at least we know why he does what he does. so i guess you will have to bear with it.
    could be worse i supose



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