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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in Virginia! Please check in Southern Frieds and all our other southern pals!

Just got an alert from Dad's work emergency response, that an earthquake in VA was felt in New Haven. Hoping all my peeps and their peeps, and all the other peeps are OK!


  1. Scary that our quakes made it east!!!
    Benny & Lily

  2. Thanks for the head's up Wilma! I hope we hear from those in the area very soon.

  3. Hi from a Virginia suburb of Washington DC. Minnie and Mack and family survived the earthquake but hu-mom had the you-know-what scared out of her!

    Thanks for thinking of us!

    Minnie and Mack

  4. Hola Chicos!!
    Earthquakes are the Worse!! Every time we get one La Mamma goes in Crazy Mode Screaming and carrying us out of the House!!! They Dogs can feel them before they start but we never feel them because we are not Dogs we are Pugs big difference!!!.
    We hope everypuggy , Doggy and persons are OK!!
    Spongy & Licky

  5. I hope they are all ok.
    Luckily there are no earthquakes were we live, but I bet they must be super scary.
    Im sending my wishes to all you shaken pugs and humans! :)


  6. The one day I left my babies home alone to take my sister out to lunch!
    We are in MD and felt it but everything was ok. We only lost one potted plant.

  7. Thank you for thinking of us. We are okay. No damage in the city or at the house. Certainly had the poop scared out of me though. Been through earthquakes in California, but this one scared me silly. Hours later, my knees are still a little wobbly.
    Seriously concerned about the hurricane though. Keep us in your prayers this weekend.

  8. Did you feel it? We didn't, way up here in New Hampster. Mom doesn't like the idea of an earthquake on the east coast. We are nowhere near as prepared as California.


  9. I was so surprised that our Oregon earthquake traveled over to the east! I was keeping my paws crossed for all our friends

  10. We felt it here in Philly and Pablo barked his little head off.

  11. i LOVE that pic of wilma! she looks horrified! hope everyone is ok!



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