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Sunday, August 28, 2011

So Far So Good

Hi everybody! We are doing OK so far, and the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm. There are a lot of downed trees and power lines across the state, and the shoreline is definitely getting walloped worse that us. We still have power, are keeping up with the moderate amount of basement leakage, and Big Pine is still standing.

The worst of it for us so far, I guess you could say, started late last night when we decided to try to get some rest. Mom made a nest in our den out of the couches.

Our bedroom is on the second floor, where there would have been zero protection if any trees decided to fall. So we were all going to take cover here for the night.

Sluggo didn't like it. He decided to pee on the comforter and sheets. Then once the nest was remade with fresh linens, he puked on my back. One more set of linens and a quick wipe down for me, and we all settled down for a rest.

Business runs this morning have been sketchy at best. I told Mom and Dad what I thought about using pee pads loud and clear.

So, we each got taken out between raindrops in the front where there are no trees. I told Mom and Dad I was in shut down mode, and didn't need to go for at least 18 hours, but they insisted. So I squirted out a couple of drops and squoze out a log. I think we all know what Sluggo will do if he needs to go!

As Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon fame says, "we just gotta ride this one out"

P.S. No word on Oskar yet. We'll let you know as soon as we hear.


  1. Oh dear, Sluggo pees on the comforter and pukes on your back? NICE! Poor Sluggo, and you. Glad you still have power and are doing well. Here's hoping the basement leakage stays minimal.


  2. Oh shouldn't puke on your sisters back! Im glad you guys are all okay so far and here's wishing you stay okay :)


  3. What a night! I think I might take my chances outside with the storm rather than face the wrath of Sluggo! I guess he was just so nervous with the routine disrupted. Very sensitive that one...the layers just keep unraveling. Hugs to you all, especially poor Sluggo and your parents for having to take you guys out in the storm. Continue to stay safe.

  4. Ooh, it sounds like you guys have had a rough go of it. But thankfully, you're all okay - well except for the puking and REO Speedwagon.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  5. Wilma we hope Sluggo it doing better. Stay warm and safe!

    the girls

  6. Glad to hear you all are safe and sound!


  7. Hola Chicos!!
    Oh my Wilma we are scared for all of yous!! Poor Sluggo he probably doesn't like tropical storms and poor Wilma for Being puked on. We are glad the storm was downgraded, stay safe. Sending lots of Hugs and Bechos
    Spongy & Licky

  8. Thank goodness every buddy is ok and that Irene hit the road
    Benny & Lily

  9. Glad you are doing okay. These hurricanes are for the birds!

  10. LOL!

    Ride that storm out, honey!

  11. Oh Wilma,,
    thank goodness the storm is gone,, but thank goodness that you had more linens to change your bed.
    Poor little Sluggo,, he just does not like changes and scary things,, that blow in the night!
    I am glad your all okay.

  12. I'm not a huge fan of pee pads either!! I used the one momma left in our room and Saturday and she was so excited!! Until I came back in the house 10 minutes later and peed next to the new one. Did she really expect two miracles in one day?!?!?
    Glad you survived Irene!!





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