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Friday, August 26, 2011

What to do, What to do....

I think I have one of those ethical dilemmas on my paws friends.

You see, someone came into Mom's work (The Red Cross) and donated a doghouse. they wanted it to go towards rescue of canine victims of the Japanese Tsunami.
Apparently, the folks there could not coordinate this, but the nice lady left it there anyway as a donation.

Mom noticed it right away, especially since it had the tag on it with none other than...
a pug.

Mom wanted it, but couldn't justify spending the 100.00 that the director of fund-raising was asking for it, just before vacation especially. Plus, we are not doghousey dogs. We have one in the yard, but that's for decoration. We would never actually enter it.
But, it is such a cut little log cabin house, that it could actually perhaps be used indoors, or something.
Either way, not practical, we didn't REALLY need it, and Mom figured we wouldn't use it anyway.
She thought to herself, if she did get it, it could potentially raise some green papers in an auction for rescue. There are a few events coming up soon.
But that was that.

So there it sat. Mocking her, every time she went to work.
Here is a picture of it in the lobby, with that stupid Puffy guy.

Then we returned from vacation, and Mom returned to work. It was still sitting there, in the lobby, alone, dog-less.

The class she started teaching before vacation was going to their clinical.
(Mom teaches a Nursing Assistant class for the Red Cross)
Clinical is when they go to take care of real patients.
Well, on graduation day, the class presented Mom with a thank you card. They also told her that the doghouse was hers!
They had all chipped in and bought it as a gift to Mom for us pugs!

Needless to say, we were all touched by this act.

Herein lies the dilemma...

 I like it.

At first, when Mom brought it home, I was kinda eh, about it. Then Britte checked it out and said it was kinda cozy. Especially after Mom placed a nice bed in there.

Mom tried to upload a video of us checking it out, but YouTube said it would take 133 minutes, and then failed. Ugh, technology.

So anyway, here is my question...
Since it was a gift to Mom, would it be wrong to donate the doghouse. Or, since donating the doghouse had been an initial plan of what she may do with it if she got it, would it be wrong to keep it?
Please help! I value your opinions.

It does look good on us.


  1. My dear Wilma, I think this may be a win win situation either way. Here's my thinking your mom's students made a donation to the Red Cross for the dog house - GREAT, Red Cross can help more people! Your mom spread her skills to her students who will go off in the world and help others - more good news! So, if you decide to keep the dog house you can feel good that it has helped lots of people.

    If you decide that you do not want the dog house, auction it off for a local rescue or to a larger organization helping the dogs in Japan OR maybe to help some of the animals that will be displaced as a result or Hurricane Irene.

    If you decide to keep the house, but still want to help animals in need. Host a "fill this dog house with goodies for homeless animals" and ask your blog followers to send cash or treats, toys, and food for a local shelter or Hurricane Irene animals.

    That's my two cents, but again either way it is all good!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Hi Wilma! First off, it's so funny to see pugs in a dog house...even as one as nice as that! Heehee! But it does look cozy with you and Britte chillin'. Anyway, on to your dilemma. I think you are totally in the clear regardless of what you decide. If you keep it, enjoy the great gift. If you donate it, just tell the ladies at work that you "paid it forward" to someone/somepug/somedog that needed it more. They will certainly understand. Hope this helps. Please stay safe with the Irene thing.
    PS. Check out my post from Friday if you get the chance...

  3. hi wilma!
    oh that is so nice!
    you look fabulous in the house!
    i think you should keep and enjoy it as long as you want and then if you feel like it one day, you can "share it" with other lucky doggies through donation.
    enjoy it! enjoy it!
    you make the world a happy place just by feeling good!

  4. I think it would be fine to keep it, since the students made the donation to the red cross to buy it for your mom! I wouldn't feel guilty about it at all! and you look so cute in it!

  5. We got it! Keep that dog house since it was a gift and you all do like it. Then find a different dog house to donate...a win

    Good luck
    The Girls

  6. Your Mom should keep it , of course. It's paid for and a reminder of how grateful her class was for all she did for them. And besides, the cuteness of you in the house is priceless!


  7. Hola Wilma!!
    We agree with the Girls!! Your students gave you that gift with Love, they would be sad if you donate it.And you and Brigitte look gorgeous in that House!! What ever you do it is OK!!! Hope you are keeping safe with that horrible Irene!!!
    Hugs and Bechos
    Spongy & Licky
    Sluggo did it!!! We know it was him!! Sunflower intuition!! Sorry Sluggo Guapo!!

  8. I love Pip's ideas. It is your dog house your students bought it for you. I know what you mean about pugs and doghouses, they prefer sofas don't they? I think if you want to gift it to a local shelter or auction it in aid of the charity then I think you're perfectly within rights to do so.
    Just see if you will use it in the end, if it becomes one of those things that the pugs like then hang on to it. If you think it'll be a passing phase with them and you think it may get better use elsewhere then go on ahead and donate it elsewhere.

    pug licks

  9. your new little house is so cute! enjoy :)

  10. Hi Wilma
    I think either way you decide is perfect. If you want it - keep it.
    And then if you change your mind.. then plan B can happen.
    Either way,,,,people have been helped.
    love tweedles



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